Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ShopToEarth Seminars: New Dates Announced

Tuesday, February 24th - Lauderhill, FL
Top Producers Event
Join the Top Producers of STE for a Groundbreaking Event to Benefit the ShopToEarth Foundation! Hear the Stories and Discover the Magic and the Synergy in a room filled with Top Producers and hundreds of leaders.
Inverrary Golf Club
3840 Inverrary Boulevard
Lauderhill, FL 33319
(954) 733-7550

Wednesday February 25th - Chicago, IL
LIVE Company Overview with Top Money Earner Rich Soviero.
Eggstasy Restaurant
17 West 512 22nd Street
Oakbrook Terrace, IL
**Plaza located just east of Midwest Road on Cermack Road
Any Questions? Contact Wanda: 630-251-6473

Wednesday, February 25th - Camarillo, CA
LIVE Company Overview with VP of Sales, Joe Locke.
Sterling Hills Golf Club
901 Sterling Hills Dr
Camarillo, CA 93010
(805) 987-3446

Thursday, February 26th - Birmingham, MI
LIVE Company Overview with Top Money Earner and Ring of Honor Member, Rich Soviero.
Townsend Hotel
100 Townsend Street
Birmingham, MI 48009
(248) 642-7900

February 27th & 28th - Shortcut to Success Dallas, TX
This weekend, ShopToEarn will meet in Texas for the first time! We all know that everything is BIG in Texas, and we look forward to seeing just how BIG the seminar is going to be!
The Westin Galleria Dallas
13340 Dallas Parkway
Dallas, TX 75240
(972) 934-9494

Friday, February 27th - Myrtle Beach, SC
LIVE Company Overview and Training with STE’s #1 Money Earner Rick Clark and Jimmy Boucher.
The Sun Colony Club House
200 Sun Colony Blvd.
Longs, SC 29568
(843) 399-7689

March 6th & 7th - Shortcut to Success in Michigan
We will have the location details available this week, however, now is the time to connect with people that you know in the Michigan area to let them know about the LIVE Company Overview and STS Training that is coming to their area.

March 13th & 14th - Shortcut to Success in Atlanta, GA
Due to popular demand, we moved the STS Training from Chattanooga, TN to Atlanta, GA.
Location TBA

March 20th & 21st - Shortcut to Success in Los Angeles, CA
For those of you who’ve been inquiring about travel plans to LA; we will be doing the event in close proximity to the LA International Airport.
Location TBA

March 27th & 28th - Shortcut to Success in New York
ShopToEarn is excited to be coming back to the Northeast to continue building the momentum we reenergized up there at the New Jersey STS.
Location TBA

April 3rd and 4th - Shortcut to Success in South Florida
ShopToEarth will return to South Florida for a shortcut to success in April. Mark your calendars.
Location TBA

Stay tuned to ShopToEarth Seminars for updated location and hotel information.

We look forward to seeing you and your team at our upcoming events!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Live from Tampa, Florida, It’s ShopToEarn / ShopToEarth

Not in Tampa, Florida this past weekend? Here’s the truth…You missed out! Insiders attending the Tampa Shortcut To Success are one step ahead to success and got the first sneak peak at the new ShoptoEarth website!

Where else can you find thousands of professionals who are excited, positive about their financial status and feel in control of their futures?

Tampa, Florida’s ShopToEarn Shortcut to Success Training.

What company is expanding in this economy, jumping from 1200 to 77,000 representatives in the last 10 months and paying out $28 million in commissions?

ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth (some spell it Shop to Earn or Shop to Earth).

“And guess what? We are just getting started,” said ShopToEarn Founder Pat Welsh.

Want to know what you’re missing by not being in ShopToEarth Training in Tampa, Florida?
  • Motivated and positive professional training
  • Seven Steps to Success
  • Insider business building techniques
  • One time only seminar savings
  • Four Stages of Learning
  • The Three B’s to Success
  • How to Recognize and Communicate with Different Personality Types
  • Best Ways to Build A Sales Team and Gain Referrals
  • Simple and powerful ways to Show and Tell the Business
  • Dancing and singing to the music (ok, we are had fun while working, imagine that!)
Pat Welsh introduced the most recent addition to the ShopToEarth Advisory Board – Attorney Jeff Bakerink, who spent the last 20 years representing some of the largest network marketing companies in the industry. Bakerink took center stage in Tampa and shared some of his thoughts on ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth’s future.

“ShopToEarn is an incredible opportunity. It’s a fresh, contemporary and dynamic business model that’s beyond my expectations of any other network marketing company I’ve worked with in the past. The ShopToEarth team is genuine, with a conviction to helping people... Save Ourselves, Save Our Planet, Shop to Earth,” said Bakerink.

Welsh led the crowd with his insights on how he started the business with an attitude of gratitude and Joe Locke, VP of Sales for ShopToEarn, gave the attendees valuable systems and strategies of how to gain positive traction in building a sales team by duplicating efforts!

Truth be told, Gary King capped off the day with an enlightening session centered on the fact that there is no such thing as an inconsequential lie and everything in life is synchronistic.

Recently joining the ShopToEarth Advisory Board, King is a speaker, author, life-coach and mentor, and has been featured in Oprah Magazine. For the last four years, Gary has traveled internationally talking about his belief in The Power of Truth ™.

He talked to ShopToEarth’s Tampa group about life changing experiences and the power of networking and the value of Integrity Level Marketing. Stay tuned for a full story about Gary King’s powerful messages shaped exclusively for ShopToEarth members about how to be part of the solution using the conscious awareness of integrity and honesty.

Want to know more? Sign up for the next Shortcut To Success. Get up close and personal with ShopToEarth.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shop To Earn Ring of Honor

Shop To Earn announces the Ring of Honor by recognizing the first 10 inductees, which were pinned at the Leadership Conference in January.

To enter the Ring of Honor, a Shop To Earn Business Builder must earn at least $250,000 in 12 consecutive months and must be in good standing with the company.

All Ring of Honor inductees receive a custom white gold pin in the shape of an earth that contains the following representative jewels: sapphire for ocean, emerald for land, and diamonds surrounding the earth’s circumference.

Sapphire Club
Shop To Earn associates that earned $250,000 in 12 consecutive months were inducted into the Sapphire Club. The sapphire stones represent the blue water that makes up 70 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Shop To Earn Sapphire Club inductees include: Dan Daragan, Beverly Jonas, Roy Oppenheim, Tim Moore, Raul and Paula Santidrian, Rich and Julie Soviero, and Tami Caci Armao.

Emerald Club
Shop To Earn associates that earned $500,000 in 12 consecutive months receive the Emerald Club pin with the ocean sapphires, as mentioned above in addition to emeralds that represent the green land making up 30 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Diamond Club
Shop To Earn associated that generate $1,000,000 in Shop To Earn revenue within 12 consecutive months are presented the Ring of Honor Diamond Club. Both the ocean and the land are filled with sapphires and emeralds while diamonds form a clear ring around the Earth’s surface.

Shop To Earn Diamond Club inductees include: Rick Clark

Congratulations to all of the Ring of Honor inductees for leading by example, for proving to all that plugging into ShopToEarth seminars turns dreams into reality, and for making a difference in the lives of many!

To hear what some of these Ring of Honor inductees are saying visit the Shop To Earn YouTube channel.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 Ways to Share the Love of ShopToEarn

Looking to share the love? This email is a friendly reminder that Saturday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. Why not show your love for ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth and share the opportunity with friends who can duplicate your efforts.

10 Ways to Share the Love of ShopToEarth and ShopToEarn

Feel the love and subscribe to this blog!

Spread the love and share a story on the blog. Just post a comment about your experience with Shop To Earn.

Hear the love. Tune in and subscribe to the Official Shop To Earn YouTube channels: http://www.youtube.com/user/shoptoearn

Share the love. Send a ‘tweet’ about ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth on our Twitter channels. Just message @shoptoearn or @shoptoearth: http://twitter.com/shoptoearn

See the love. Check out ShopToEarn event pictures on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shoptoearn/

Show the love. Become a Fan of Shop To Earn on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Official-Shop-To-Earn-Shop-To-Earth-Fan-Page/48079275329

Express the love. Share the above social media channels with friends and prospects.

Work the Love. Have a user name on LinkedIn? List ShopToEarn on your profile.
Example: Lisa Buyer ShopToEarn broker since October 2008 www.linkedin.com

Just love news? Check out the new ShopToEarn Official News Room: http://shoptoearnnewsroom.com/

Love the social media presentation at the Leadership last month? Check out The Buyer Group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com pages/The-Buyer-Group-interactive-public-relations-branding/50846231361

If you missed the Social Media Workshop at the Leadership Conference in Fort Lauderdale last month, stay tuned for more upcoming workshops and tips on maximizing the opportunities of ShopToEarn.

Friday, February 6, 2009

ShopToEarth Upcoming Seminars

Hi Everyone –

Check out the list of upcoming ShopToEarth seminars below. We hope you can join us at these amazing events. We look forward to seeing you!

Shortcut to Success New Jersey
February 6 - 7, 2009
Somerset, NJ -
Crowne Plaza Somerset

Shortcut to Success Tampa
February 20 – 21
Tampa, FL: Location to Be Determined

Shortcut to Success Dallas
February 27 – 28, 2009
Dallas, TX: Location to Be Determined

Shortcut to Success Michigan
March 6 – 7, 2009
Michigan: Location to Be Determined

Shortcut to Success Los Angeles
March 20 – 21, 2009
Los Angeles, CA: Location to Be Determined

Shop To Earn Communication Pro Workshop
April 24 - 26, 2009
Florida: Location To Be Determined

Shop To Earn Millionaire Mindset
July 24 - 26, 2009
Florida: Location To Be Determined

Shop To Earn Behind the Curtain
November 6 - 8, 2009
Florida: Location To Be Determined

The Next Step
January 22 - 24, 2010
Location To Be Determined

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Shop To Earn/Shop To Earth New Vendors

Have you noticed the new additions to your Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth online shopping portals yet? If not, take a minute to discover Shop To Earth’s newest vendors: SunWarrior, Emugenix, NatureAll, Magic Flash Drive, Shop To Earn Insurance, and Meijer Grocery. Read on for details about each product and service.

SunWarrior 15% Cash Back
The goal of this product is to improve health while producing products that are eco-friendly and good for the planet. SunWarrior protein products are 100% raw vegan plant based, 85% pure protein, hypo allergenic, and easy to digest. Using award-winning SunWarrior Protein & Activated Barley products will help you get feeling and looking your best!

Emugenix 15% Cash Back
Emugenix has launched seven products for ShopToEarth, two of the products, Resveratrol Complete and Select Anti Aging, are exclusive to ShopToEarth. Emugenix's product team has been developing products for over 20 years, and are recognized as leaders in the industry for utilizing cutting edge ingredients in their products.

NatureAll 15% Cash Back
NatureAll provides 100% Natural Freeze dried foods that can be used for healthy fruit snacking and cooking. The snack line includes freeze dried mangos, pineapple, organic bananas and tropical fruit mix. NatureAll is a 100% natural with no additives, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, and has a shelf life of up to 24 months.

Magic Flash Drive 10% Cash Back
The Magic Flash Drive is your complete small office or home office computer support tool. With the Magic Flash Drive, you get one whole year of unlimited computer support from a certified USA technician who can help you from the comfort of your home. It also comes preloaded with a resource library with over 75 preloaded software packages, including virus protection, PC optimization tools and child Internet safety programs.

ShopToEarn Insurance $15 Cash Back + 15 Points
ShopToEarn Insurance provides its members and their families with the convenience of a broad range of comprehensive and affordable insurance products, including; critical illness, dental, health, life, and vision, from the following names you trust: Aetna, Assurant, Colorado Bankers Life, Comp Benefits, Fidelity, and Humana One United Health Care.

Dan Swiniarski and Top Ten Money Earner, Roy Oppenheim are both client’s of the company. In fact, this policy has saved Dan Swiniarski over $7,000 from his previous Cobra policy. Some Brokers were approved in less than one business day. Please note the benefit on stand-alone policies for critical illness, dental, life, and vision have not been finalized. In addition, we are working to finalize competitive insurance products in the following states: Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.

Meijer.com Up to 5% Cash Back + Free Shipping on orders over $150
Meijer Grocery: The value, quality and convenience you expect from your neighborhood grocery store is now available on Shop To Earn with no yearly membership fee!
Meijer.com has an enormous selection of wholesale groceries, electronics, furniture, games, jewelry, and kids’ items. Just imagine – your favorite bulk paper products, cleaning solvents, boxed foods, and more, delivered right to your home. Shop To Earn brokers receive the benefits of wholesale shopping online, plus up to 5% Cash Back, and FREE shipping on all orders over $150.00.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Official Photos from ShopToEarn Leadership

Check out the Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth flickr accounts for photos from the leadership weekend in Fort Lauderdale: Jan 23 - 35, 2009.


Also, photos have been added to the Official ShopToEarn Facebook Fan Page! Check them out and tag the people you know!