Monday, October 27, 2008

Shop To Earn Launches Official Blog

By Pat Welsh
Founder of ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth

Welcome to the official Shop To Earn Blog. This blog will serve as an online community dedicated to sharing the latest news on Shop To Earn, including our retailer partners, member news, and corporate news.

Shop To Earn values its members, as they have always been and always will be the best brand advocates and educators for this business. We have chosen to use this blog as an opportunity to create an interactive forum for members and prospective members to read information and updates from Shop To Earn. This will be an open forum, allowing users to leave comments and thoughts.

Shop To Earn’s philosophy of better health and increased wealth for our members continues to be at the forefront of all company operations. This blog will provide readers with official tips and tools to help them with their business. Please feel free to contribute your own personal business building techniques in the comments section as well.

I encourage you to subscribe to the Official Shop To Earn Blog. Each week our editorial staff will feature articles on Shop To Earn company updates, as well as other articles related to consumer products and e-commerce.

Thanks again!
Pat Welsh