Monday, October 27, 2008

Shop To Earn Launches Official Blog

By Pat Welsh
Founder of ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth

Welcome to the official Shop To Earn Blog. This blog will serve as an online community dedicated to sharing the latest news on Shop To Earn, including our retailer partners, member news, and corporate news.

Shop To Earn values its members, as they have always been and always will be the best brand advocates and educators for this business. We have chosen to use this blog as an opportunity to create an interactive forum for members and prospective members to read information and updates from Shop To Earn. This will be an open forum, allowing users to leave comments and thoughts.

Shop To Earn’s philosophy of better health and increased wealth for our members continues to be at the forefront of all company operations. This blog will provide readers with official tips and tools to help them with their business. Please feel free to contribute your own personal business building techniques in the comments section as well.

I encourage you to subscribe to the Official Shop To Earn Blog. Each week our editorial staff will feature articles on Shop To Earn company updates, as well as other articles related to consumer products and e-commerce.

Thanks again!
Pat Welsh


Captain Steve said...

Thanks for starting this blog. For those of us that have been vigorously promoting the positive aspects of shoptoearn, this blog will add validity to what we do.
This opportunity has offered thousands of people the ability to better their lives not only via a new income stream, but it has introduced the Earth friendly products that most had never experienced before.
Thanks again!!!!

Ana Rust said...

I am very excited about an official Blog for the company. It will give STE more credibility and will be great tool to keep us (members) up to date with the latest news.

I really think that there should be a link on the STE website, though.

Aubree said...

I am really excited about the official Shop to Earn blog! I think this is going to be a great tool for all members and potential members!

I just started a week ago and am really looking forward to the future!

Thanks again!

Aubree said...

I think this is a terrific idea and will be a great tool for all Shop To Earn members and potential members as well.

I just got started a week ago and am really excited for the future of Shop to Earn! Looking forward to connecting with other members!

Good Luck to Everyone!

Michael said...

This is a great idea. There is so much rhetoric posted on the internet by people who have nothing better to do with their time. This will be a great vehicle to show our prospects what people actually doing this have to say. My wife and I have a comfortable life, but my job requires too much time away from home. STE is going to be the vehicle for us to get me home and I am thrilled to be part of this fine organization. We did our due diligence before joining and this is a company of integrity run by men of character and it can't help but succeed.

Morristown said...

Hey Pat!
Joe O. from Morristown, NJ here.
Awesome idea!

Finally a forum for some common sense blogs and information. Some people just don't want to come to grips with new ideas. The negative stuff out there is so ridiculous and silly.
STE has made me over $50,000 in 5 months and more than $125,000 for my collective downline. This is fun and fulfilling work!
See you in Miami!

Joe O.

P.S. 2 meetings tonight
Morristown AND Verona, NJ
Any meetings in NY area????

Wendy said...

This is going to be very helpful! Keep up the good work! Little stops and starts, but all in all, a great way to earn significant income over time.

Sandi said...

I love the idea of sharing our positive experiences!! This is a great tool for giving our business validity! Thank you Pat!

Sarah said...

I just started about a month ago. I am very excited about this business but I am having a hard time getting people to listen. Any suggestions?

Paco said...


great to see this because I can see that STE is backing up the company and taking the control to respond all those bad comments of people not able to succeed.

I just join last weekend despite to all those comments. Oh yeah!, I chech the company first - but I still decided to joing because I can see my self in 5 years from now. Neverless, I like to shop in the internet, why not enjoy it gain some extra many for the moment. Thanks all STE

moore scores said...

Ditto! Cant' wait to share tips and see how others are doing, esp. with the holiday shopping season right around the corner! Thanks for the forum!
I also like the idea of linking it to the website.

Sheri Wilcox said...

I am so excited that Shop To Earn / Shop To Earth has an official Blog. I feel so fortunate and extremely grateful to be a part of this incredible company. I joined exactly four months ago, and I continue to impressed with the integrity of the company and the incredible opportunity it provides for anyone who joins. It has been an extremely positive experience for me, and I have had great financial success in just four months. I love the fact that I am now using products that are better for my family and for our environment, and I am so grateful to have a very lucrative supplemental income coming in each month. It is also extremely rewarding to see family and freinds who have joined me in this exciting endeavor starting to do well financially as well.

I think it is unfortunate for someone to read false information about STE on the internet, and as a result miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. I am excited that this Blog will allow people to make a more informed decision and possibly make one of the best decisions of their lives by joining this wonderful company!

Anonymous said...

Shop to Earn is an awesome, yet fun business. I mean, I speak with people (lots of people), shop online AND earn money. I tell you, it just doesn't get any better. My plan is to keep plugging away with this company so many can enjoy the professional successes I have, and will have.

alb628 said...

We here in Michigan came back from the Chicago Seminar all pumped up and ready to kick it into the next gear. This blog will be extremely beneficial to help build our business. A special thank you to Joe Locke for his dedication by coming to Chicago at what had to be a most difficult time for him. Our Condolences Joe, on the loss of your father.

Mike L said...

Glad to see that members finally have an open forum to get news and comment.

This blog will allow those who search the internet about Shop To Earn to get the correct information. Google-ing Shop To Earn really does not give a true impression of what STE is all about.

It never ceases to amaze me the misinformation thats perpetuated about this company.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am very new to STE and am very excited about my new business. Also, going to Fla this month!!! One thing that I am concerned about: we seem to have lost Walmart, at least temporarily, as a vendor. I guess that I don't have to say what a great loss this is and I am sure that all efforts are being made to rectify this. It is especially untimely as we are in the midst of holiday shopping frenzy. To the powers that be: please get us on track with this very valuable vendor. Thanks

Nicole said...

This is a great Idea! We are doing excellent with Shop to Earn. Started Sept 5th and have already made 4 times what we invested! Looking forward to growing with this awesome company!!

RITZY said...

Life seems to move along, I am moving with it and enjoying my journey with STE..Welcome to your future and mine as well
Thanks for the Blog .. This is another Great Idea ..

RITZY said...

Life seems to move along, I am moving with it and enjoying my journey with STE..Welcome to your future and mine as well
Thanks for the Blog .. This is another Great Idea ..

Ronnie C said...

It's so unfortunate that there are folks out there that can't see an opportunity in much of anything. ANY buisness takes sincere effort and dedication. There are those that by nature are negative. That's their cross to bare. YOU remain focused and positive and good things follow. "Whatever the mind harbors the body will manifest". What could be better than shopping (which we do anyway) and referring and getting paid to do it. It's a "no-brainer". Keep shopping and keep referring. Forge ahead and leave the dust of negativity in your wake.

Lina said...

I recently join to the business and I'm very excited about anything that can help me to increase my knowledge about everything!!! So, I think this is an amazing tool..

Lina Paola said...

I recently join the group and I'm very excited to know everything about the business. I think this is an amazing tool to help us.

Lisa A. said...

Thanks for starting the blog. Is it possible to set aside a category on the blog site for Shopping Tips? We all should be encouraging our team to become better online shoppers. I have found that many people on our team are beginner online shoppers and unfamiliar with many of the Shop to Earth products. It would be helpful if we had a place to share online shopping tips (i.e., great STE websites, how to maximize savings throguh the STE sites using coupons, sales, memberships and reducing shipping costs, which sites are offering great discounts, sales or coupons and Shop to Earth products that are really good that others should try).

Freddy said...

I am grateful to be involved in STE!!! It is an unbelievable experience to help other people better their lives physically and financially.

Thanks Mr. Welsh!

Best wishes,


Freddy said...

What a great opportunity to be able to share great ideas from one another on this blog. I am looking forward to meeting other STE members and see their progress in this company. This is a phenomenal concept!

connie said...

This sounds great. I also agree that there should be a link from the website.

John Rodgers said...

It amazes me that people waste their time posting bogus information about a company that is clearly looking out for its members as well as the planet itself. What amazes me more is that others read this negative stuff, posted by anonymous people and give these ridicules commentaries more credibility than they do their friends and family who are enjoying the Shop to Earn business.

When a prospective member (friend or other) states “I saw this bad write-up on Google about STE – what do you know about it”, I always ask them the same questions;
• Who wrote the comment?
• What do you know about that person?
• Are they even a member or just someone with nothing better to do - or maybe they’re in another business losing their down-line to STE?
• Are you actually going to give that person more credibility than you’re giving me?

Remember, people need to see our business model in order to fully understand and appreciate it. Use your credibility and simply explain that is a business opportunity that they need to see, then put them on the TOUR call – finally, tell them to make up their own mind and not use the unqualified opinion of anonymous stranger.

Don’t let some idiot with a keyboard take this away from you or your prospect. Stand up for yourself and for your company.
John Rodgers

Wendy said...

This is definately an excellent tool that will help many members and new members stay connected. I've been in the business for 3 weeks and I am loving every minute of it. I've made my first score on my second week and hope to reach my 10th business partner by Nov. 14. This business is definitely for people who love helping other people reach their goals. I wish everyone in this business much success.
Good Luck!

Carole said...

I agree that I would like to see a link on the STE website. Looking forward to watching us grow.

Jennifer said...

I'm very excited about this! It makes our job a lot easier.

Thanks Mr. Welsh!

BrianAndFrances said...

Question: Can someone sign up at the $99 and then upgrade their membership to the $450 at a later date later and keep their spot?

Brian and Frances

writeonmiami said...

I am so excited to see that STE has started a blog!! I need to communicate with others in the network with POSITIVE attitudes. Positive attitudes ARE contagious.

I have been a slow starter in the business end of this opportunity. I have been dealing with this breast cancer thing I have and have not been as diligent as I would otherwise be in growing my website.

However, I HAVE used my site to sign up for the upcoming event this month in Miami and to do some personal shopping. Therefore, in a little over a month in the company,I still am going to receive a check from STE. Once I get back on my feet, I expect that my website will grow; I have to be patient. Being patient and keeping a positive mindset is greatly enhanced by watching the tours, using the training sessions, viewing the state of the union addresses, and, now, by having a blog where I can read what other people who are working their websites are achieving successes.

Thanks so much!!

Jandy said...

I think Ana has a great idea to add a link to the STE website

Tom said...

Letter to the "non believers":

As a manufacturer and distributor I understand what it means having the relationship with 700 retailers.... (When we get one new account/retail store, I know that this is the reflection of our mail outs, trade shows, follow ups and a hard work of sales team). Now please look at the STE system, they have almost 700 retailers giving cash back to the STE members ...excuse me, but this should be impressive even for you.

Second; transactions are administrated promptly, with all the details needed on a very sophisticated and professional platform.

The reason for-ever skepticism is in all of us by nature...when I was invited for the first time to look at the STE / MLM system my spontaneous reaction was no thank you....not interested in mlm....
50000 members later I'm asking my self why did I missed the opportunity for the first time. It was the sound of the bad word MLM and the fear of something unknown...

Let me help you to ease this subject ....since I become a member I learned that STE is not abut referring or MLM, it’s all about the e-commerce. And members are simply the shopping growth/power and the back bone of any commerce and healthy economy. If you will miss this understanding - you will miss the opportunity!

FYI: STE is also environment friendly. Just in a case if you missed this one.

In hope that you will start realizing that the drive of life is progress and solution (not the bad perception of others) and maybe one day you will become a member of STE and you will realize that internet shopping can be great cash back saving option....than you will probably share this information with your family and friends.... well my friends; THIS IS IT. This is MLM.. ...and few months down the road when your friends will start collecting cash from their shopping....and you will start accumulating points from yours and theirs shopping, you don’t need be a shamed, its OK...its just new era, its called e-commerce ....

I’m amazed with the entire concept. I think it's brilliant and very smart. Bravo Pat and STE Team.

(don’t mind my spelling, its late at night).

Eunice said...

Love the bright green color blog! I started my business with STE as a broker just 3 weeks ago today! Several things separate ownership of this business from other businesses... it's absolutely affordable and I meet so many people along the way. I am given the opportunity to be a part of helping the environment as well, and that makes me feel pretty good!

Sherry G. said...

This article was posted in USA Today on Nov. 5, 2008. It is a great read and should be passed on to all those in STE. (Just copy and paste into your browser)

freebird said...

Just got started with STE and I am bit confused with the earnings and the savings.
This is a real life example and my first attempt to buy something and meet the buying requirements.
I want to buy a very popular fat-burner called "MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore 210 Capsules". So I went to shoptoearn and I found it in the Select Merchant "MuscleTech" Price: $99.99 (w/$15 cash back and $20 auto cash back). I thought it was a bit pricey, so I went to Shop-to-earn and I found the same product with "eVitamins" for $58.99 and there must be some cash back but couldn't find out how to find out how much it was. Then, to complete my exercise, I went to and found the exact same product (try it!) for under $50.
I looked for this (common) product because a friend of mine wanted to buy it and I wanted to get it for him to show him how good STE was but he ended up laughing at me!!
I am really exited about STE but there must be something I am doing wrong ... any ideas?

megan said...

I am glad we will have positive feed back, from the real people who actaully participate in shop to earn. The negative blogs we had before were from people that were not even apart of the company. I feel this blog will really enhance shop to earn in a positive way!I am so happy to be given this once an a lifetime opportunity and on top share it with everyone!

Jaiyman said...

STE is moving so fast and I have only been involved for 3 months! I was just like most of you out there when the opportunity was presented to you...(Skeptical), but I saw something that no other company out there was going to give me. In the last two weeks I have made close to $1000 dollars and my friends are going nuts. As an educator it is a bit difficult at first to convince people that I am able to do something in addition to teaching and being a football coach. I'm telling you today that it is working and I am building my business with motivated and excited individuals that want to live healthier and be wealthier. I am only upset that I didn't get in 6 months ago! I have no idea how big my business will grow, but I have an idea how hard I am going to push for it to do so. Don't listen to all the bad blogs out there people. Be smart and look into it for yourself. Surely if you are smart enough to see how good this can be then your friends will see the same thing. Good luck to all.. I have to go and set up my next two mixers this week!!

freebird said...

All these comments are fantastic but I wish SOMEBODY could answer my question (above) and make me a believer!

melli said...

Great idea can't wait to see where this takes us. I am new to the company. I have already doubled my money & should get my first score bonus anyday! I have a great team. I am so glad to have fould this bussiness! Thank you Pat & Team

momo3 said...

Hi, just joined two days ago. I went to ShopToEarn to shop on and could not find the link. Was it removed? If so, what happened? Thanks.

Lisa said...

I have an answer for you Freebird. I did a little research for you. I know that different companies offer different promotional offers on their products. I did find that with the product that you want is priced at $44.50 plus $7.75 shipping and I'm assuming plus sales tax. I looked at all the retailers that partnered up with Shop to Earn and found that Vitamin Shoppe was the best deal. $53.89 no shipping because you will spend over $49.00 and you receive 8% cash back which will make your total $49.57 plus sales tax and you will also receive 4pts as well. So in some cases you have to do a little research within your shopping portal to see if you can find the best deal. I hope I helped! Best of luck :)

Nicole said...

To Freebird.....
I'll try to answer your question.
If you buy the product through your portal - from ANY of the stores listed, you get cash back. Just as if you were searching out the best price, you can do it through your portal as you are linked to every stores main website (with the exception of Shoptoearth).

Everyday price comparison is recommended for all online purchases. As prices vary from one store to the next.

So, lets say you found the best price through And you purchased it through your website. then clicked on and purchased it, you would get the cash back that offers. Be sure to check the Shoptoearth prices and deduct your cash back. Sometimes this is a better deal.

I hope this helps you.

Michele said...

To Freebird.
I am also pretty new at this thing..but definitely not new to shopping :).. Hopefully by now someone has answered your question as to the "hydroxycut Pricing concern" You will always see in the drop down box of retailers the % of cash back from the retailer. In the case of E Vitamins it is 7.5%..I agree it is pricey through Muscle Tech, however, through E Vitamins it is 7.5% cash back at 58.99 - 4.42 = 54.57. This does align with the very comparable price of $50. through Keep in mind that amazon is typically going to have a little better pricing than most retailers anyway. You are getting cash back AND points equivelant to your cash back. The way I see it is that if the difference was in fact from 50 to 99.99 I may not purchase that item through STE but to compare the long term goals here, and the benefits of shopping through your own site, I would definitley make the purchase knowing I am creating points and cash back when there is a minumal difference at that point. I also referred some people to my site to purchase nutrients and supplements and they were many that were way overpriced but some that were actually very competitive.. As someone else also posted, as you become familiar with the different merchants I assume we will all learn how to be better shoppers and get the most for not only our money but for the best interest of our business. Good luck, happy shopping and happy referring!!

Wendy said...

In response to the question posted by Freebird:
The cash back on Evitamins is 7.5%. So if your "MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore 210 Capsules" is priced at $58.99 you will get $4.42 back plus points. Remember at the end points=cash. You can make your purchase through another site for a dollar or two less but you don't get any points. Its really your choice how you want to operate this business. I myself like the one stop shopping plus the extra points I accumulate. I hope this answers your question.
Have a great day!!!

Carole said...

I would like to see suggestions on how to publicize a small group 15-20 presentation in a public place..for example a restaurant meeting room. STE is not well known in this area, so I would like to get people involved so I and the peopkle I have brought in can expand our base.

Carole said...

I made some purchases from Dockers back in early september. I seem to remember a comment somewhere about some companies being posted manually, and I think Dockers was one of them. What is the status of those postings?

Carole said...

Could someone who has used this with Non Profits as a fund raiser share your experience? I have a couple organizations interested and would like to be able to share the experience of others.

L said...

Hello everyone...i was wondering if we could start posting some best practices on how to overcome certain objectives. I'm sure there a lot of people out there that have been doing this for awhile and had to jump over certain hurdles. Would love to hear some great success stories...not exactly looking for people to tell me how much they have made...but more importantly about how they did it...thanks in advance.

Judith Reidy said...

I too have been considering the benefits for a non-profit fund raiser. Many non-profits are more oriented toward humanitarian service or education and not necessarily come to Shop to Earn with a business sense skill set. They can easily see how they could save time since they are not handling a product in the sense that they were taking orders for pizza's, candy bars, ordering, recieving and distributing the items and then often having to manage backorders. They see the time savings. But they need assistance in seeing how to "point" their donors to their Website. They need stategies like, posting a link on their organizations website, making an announcements in their newsletter, at public assemblies, placing links on thier emails. I think the company should have one or two small posters available for non- profits to post and print in school settings for example. They could be PDF that could not be changed easily. Having them view the video presentation may be helpful. But because they do not typically expect much from their fundraising efforts it may take some care to prepare them for the possible profitability for thier organization if they were to become a broker and begin referring website owners and brokers. I really would like to hear someone experienced with showing STE to non-profits. Personally I think the potential buying power for the company as a whole would be beneficial.

megan said...

I have recently called many organizations such as american cancer society,aspergers,the foodbanks and told them about STE and they wanted to learn more so I sent them each a well written presentaion that explained how it worked,sample flyers and how they should announce it, basically handed everything to them so they do not have to put any effort into it, and I did all the work, I followed up with each of them the following week they were all being sent to the president for review! At least it got that far! I will keep you updated

livelife said...

I was wonder those few people in Morristown are their any meeting in that area. I do remember seeing something a couple of months eariler in Haddenfield. I am in Flordia but from that area and I have signed up a family member but would love it if she could go to a presentation. Would love feed back :)

Nermeen said...

Hi carole,
I just signed up my children's PTO for a website. I think the key is to get the word out ASAP and in every way possible. I have 2 kinds of flyers set up to let parents & families know about it, I can gladly forward it to you or anyone else interested.
Also, since all non profit organizations do at some point take orders for certain items, you can tell them to do the same thing with the most popular "green" products, like the laundry washing balls & dryer balls and then place them through their website, they can save people some $$ on shipping if they order in bulk.
Make sure to tell them about the auto ship so they can benefit to the full extent.
They only need to have one Autoship order set up to receive most % back on all green purchases. It can be toothpaste from ecodent or even deoderant from crystal!
Explain that they can put out a monthly newsletter with coupons & offers available from ste retailers to remind people of their website and give them some incentive to shop online!
I hope this helps!

Wendy said...

Dear Nermeen,
Great to hear you signed up your children's PTO. I am in the process of meeting with my daughters PTO and would love to see a sample of your flyers.

Keep up the great work!

connie villiers furze said...

Dear Nemeen, I have Cero knowledge in business. A sample of what you have done, would be so much appreciated. My daughter's public school answered that the School Board bla,bla,bla..( they said no) . But I really don't know where to go or how to start talking or with who, in the Board.
Hopefully, soon there will be templates to make our (non business moms) job easier.

connie villiers furze said...

Hi, all I would like to know, is what to explain to my prospects and downline.
Thank you.

connie villiers furze said...

One more thing"
Why did the people that joined as business broker before september where not flushed their points if they didn't get two downlines, or bough 100 dollars in shop to earth. How did they get that opportunity?
I am asking because I still didn't get my second downline, and I started on september. I have only 16 more days.... Most of my prospects joined with their brothers or family, or closer friends, which is totally fine. But I lost a lot of prospects. If someone knows the answer, I will be able to understand why. Thank you!!!

Michael said...


By all means, please send me what you put together for the PTO. Thank you for your help.

Carole said...

to Nermeen and Megan, I would much appreciate a copy of you letters / flyers. I have a proposal going to the church board Sunday. My STE site is /CLEMON. I believe there is an email link under contact us. If I can give you any input glad to.

Liliana said...

I am also interested in viewing the flyers created by Nermeen to present to my kids' PTOs. Since PTOS are always cash strapped I am assuming you donated the cost of the website to them. Am I right?

I also wanted info on the companies whose cash back comissions are being posted manually. I have quite a few transactions that are over 3 months old. After forwarding them to the shopping discrepancies email, some of them have been finally posted, but others haven't (, limitedtoo, and among them). Transactions from these other websites are reaching the 3 month mark and have not posted (, target, shoebuy, shoemall, kbtoys and Peapod). Speaking of Peapod why is it no longer listed? That had been a great addition to STE and I was planning on doing all my grocery shopping online since the cash back was 10%. I only saw the link to Peapod for around a week back in September and then it disappeared. Anybody else having problems with transactions taking long to post from the websites named above?

Anonymous said...

When will we have some items in the store such as pens, flyers, maybe the tour on a cd / dvd for those presentations where there is no internet readily accessible for presentation?

kennethjlees said...

Hi I would like any info on how to attract some business. I work 40 hr at a company and cannot ask the people there about joining for fear of loosing my job there. They do not want us to have other jobs. I don't have a lot of outside contacts so I would like to know if any flyers will work and how others arre doing it. My user ID for shop to earn is Shopsave please email me if you can. THANKS.

Nermeen said...

I couldn't fwd the information to you because I don't have your email. my email is, feel free to contact me anytime.
I'll be happy to help you any way I can.

RITZY said...

Nermeen has a great thing going here.... and would all so like to see the flyer's as well..

Dinah said...

Hi Nermeen and Megan,
I am just getting started and wanted to do the schools and churches in my area. Could you both help me out a little and send me what you use???
My info is on my page @ godinah. Also,
Thank you so much in advance, I have to work in the cold market, my warm market burned to ashes long ago. LOL But this product is nothing like anything out there.

Lisa & Lee Gonzalez said...

This is an idea for STE:
I think it would be a great idea if STE can provide us with all the information and or a Power Point Presentation on the benefits of fund-raising. By doing so this will eliminate misinformation or not enough information provided by so many. This will also ensure that we as members are providing all the information pertaining to fund-raising.

MyOwnBossLLC said...

Could you please e-mail both copies of your fundraising letters at so that I can share them with my team?
My husband and I are really excited to be a part of STE. WE are both very financially secure- but are thrilled with the money we have earned in the past two months. We wish we had this opportunity 20 years ago!!! Even if we did nothing else- we would earn a free vacation ever year just off what we spend on travel. It is a no-brainer!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I suggest we direct each other to your personal social network site (Facebook,Myspace,etc) after commenting and sharing material (according to STE rules) to one another here at the family blog.
2 "good things" (like Martha Stewart) we will not clutter responses with sharing marketing requests or other requests and our personal network will see how close and personal this big business network is.
John Moyer (/jenm)
Only with Administrators blessing.

Judith Reidy said...

When I first became a member of STE, I registered with Walmart to receive notice of their specials. I have taken to replying back to their notices, saying that I look forward to using their, lets say, a $50 free gift card, when I shop through the Shop to Earn portal. All my friends plan on doing that too.
In other words, as they choose to participate in STE, I will be a loyal shopper.

I just pass this "encouraging" message onto other members of STE

Judith Reidy said...

I can't say how much I appreciate be able to read and respond to comments on the STE community blog. It is exciting to be part of a movement that works to improve the shopping patterns in this consumer economy through providing easy green choices and equitable competitive retailers through the portal while reducing gas usage by not driving but rather shopping from our homes or offices.

All so we can decide to support those businesses that support our efforts to bring them business.

L said...

does anyone know what it means when it says "up to x%" next to certain retailers? How do you know what the percentage is going to be when making your purchase?

RITZY said...

I as well would like to recieve your copi's of the flyers
on the fund raising ..
please send to

Anonymous said...

In order to share marketing material (following STE Guidelines) we should post our comments here first and then direct anyone interested in your material to your favorite networking site. 2 good things come from this. one, we want fill posts up with send me requests and friends from our networks will see how close and personal everyone is in this business.

Judith Reidy said...

I agree we need a power point presentation with the unique needs preferences and needs of Non-profits in view.

Having worked in non-profits I am acutely aware of their particular issues. In order to be sucessful in STE gaining thier confidence they need to address those issues head on with a poswer point presentation suited to that audience.

Judith Reidy said...

iam interested in the non-prpfit letters.
My email address is

andy said...

I am new to STE. I have read blogs on non-for profits. If anyone has any information please send it to me at Thanks


Aubree said...

John. That is a great idea! I joined STE 3 weeks ago today. It has been a little slow trying to get my first 2 referrals but I'm still working on it.

Its frustrating when family and friends are so skeptical but I guess I have to get used to that. I've been out canvassing the area with flyers/cards trying to just get the word out there. Trying to talk about it to people I meet. Everyone always seems interested at first but unfortunately doesn't follow through. Any further advice would be great!

We know a lot of people in S. Florida that are doing really, really well with STE. It is amazing how family and friends we do contact that live in S. Florida are already familar w/ STE.

I have both a myspace page and a facebook page. Email me and I'll pass on the links.

My email is

Lets keep these posts coming...

Dinah said...

Hay John,
I am at
How do we do this on face book or my space???

anne said...

I liked Carole's question about how to publicize a small group meeting in a public place. Has anyone tried this and been successful? It seems tricky. My team and I are new to the business and can use the help.

freebird said...

It is hard for me to believe STE doesn't have a basic product search function.
In other words, I should be able to type "toaster oven" somewhere and find them in the STE stores.
Is that asking too much?
Am I missing something?

freebird said...


I am trying to buy products in Shop-to-earth but every product that I've looked is overpriced. Shop-to-earth prices are always the highest when I do a search on Google!

Any tips??

anne said...

I liked Carole's question about how to publicize a small group meeting in a public place. Has anyone tried this and been successful? It seems tricky. My team and I are new to the business and can use some help.

Dinah said...

Hi FreeBird,
I here a little frustration in your questions. Every web site has their own search. What we are I think, are affiliate shoppers. An affiliate shopper signs up with different web sites. Instead of going to them all, STE took care of that. So in answer to your question "Am I missing something?" yes you are. We are affiliate shoppers and the money is not in the shopping. I hope this helps clear up some things.

BrianAndFrances said...

Hello to all our Shop to Earn brothers and sisters!!

It's Brian and Frances Smith from Orlando. We just wanted to thank Pat, Joe, Soda and everyone for an AMAZING weekend in Miami. The conference was such an eye opening experience for us. It was great to see how so many individuals that started just like we did are realizing their dreams through this amazing company that is Shop to Earn. We got to meet some of the most successful people in this business and it was truly an inspiration.

Since we joined on October 3rd of this year, we have been blessed to be a part of Shop to Earn and have added 30 new members to this family. We love this idea and we know that it will be HUGE so get ready!!

Best of luck & see you at the finish line!!

Brian & Frances Smith
Orlando FL

connie villiers furze said...

Hi, Does anyone know how the people who signed up before september got to not get their points and moneys flushed, and gave them extra months?
Also, just like freebird, many of my prospects and my only referral, and me, have asked this same question. Why isn't there a basic product search function?
It does take a long time sometimes to look for things.
I didn't understand Dinah's answer. It would be a fantastic idea to add this function.
I have a lot of people saying they are worried about the seconomic situation, right after I signed up, in september. I told them to save the money for this, but still, it has been rough.
Again, I have very basic skills in doing business.

freebird said...

Hi Dinah!

Thanks for your reply. Yes, that's what we are, affiliate shoppers but it would be nice if STE negotiated product-search indexing with the affiliated companies. In, for example, I can type "toothpaste" and get listings for toothpaste from MANY MANY different vendors selling through them. Nice, huh?

Anonymous said...

Would anyone be interested in an Online Personal Shopper for these holidays?

I have 2 women who will provide their expertise in all areas of gifts, especially fashion. Both have worked as Personal Shoppers in the past for major companies.

The fee would be a flat fee of $25 and included will be savings coupons and deals to offset the fee, and in most cases save more than the fee. And of course you will control the final checkout to get your cash back & SCORES!

Email me at I have a business announcement letter that details everything about the service and bios of the Shoppers.

John (jenm)

csdircks said...

I am new to STE, my husband and I joined on nov 02, so far we have signed only 1 person,(mother in-law) we have been having a hard time getting people to sign up or even watch the video. i am fairly new to miami, i have not a whole lot of friends or family so its a bit hard for me to approach people.
can anyone send some assistance my way.

freebird said...

You signed up your mother-in-law?? Oh oh ... you better make it work! LOL. If you are new to Miami, don't bother with the locals, invite people that you know from wherever you are. My secret to sell anything is to be 100% convinced about the product, the others will just come to you. I still have my doubts and I have posted them in this blog hoping to get good answers eventually.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add Amazon to our affiliate list !!!!

Anonymous said...

To csdircks: I just "mention" this great business I'm in and start talking about how much fun I'm having, and all the great people I've met. If the person I'm talking to expresses interest, I always happen to have my laptop (with aircard) in the car for a quick presentation. I've pretty well memorized the tour call.

Anonymous said...

It will be difficult to sign people up right now. Not the best time for anyones money, but continue to take advantage of the cash back and encourage your downline to do the same. Don't get discouraged and as someone stated don't get anxious, it will come. As for the Shop Earth requirement; I tell my downline to concentrate on shopping like normal and continue to build your business. The $100 requirement is great for the longevity of the overall STE business. However until your business starts to flourish with constant residual points don't worry about the $100 shop earth (yes your points will be flushed but until you are bringing in constant points per month it will only annoy you that you're spending the $100 if you don't want to). This way each of us will succeed in our business alongside of the overall STE business. You can always start your points and scores at a later time. We must continue to focus on the best things about STE and understand when your business builds it will be best to support the overall STE business.
John (/jenm)

Keoki F said...

We are so happy to see the blogs on STE. We are new and we have read all the blogs on the non-profit organizations. Does anyone have a copy of the flyers that Nermeen and Megan had? Can you please send me a copy at Keep the news coming in and we look forward to this incredible opportunity. Happy Holidays to all and Happy Shopping.


Boxer said...

Hi i need to change the information on my page (SSN) it says to contact customer service, where can i find that number? If you have that infor please send it to me... THanks

Nicole said...


It's located in your Virtual Office.

olga said...

hi I am new to blogging ... something new to learn!! I became a broker Nov 1, 2008. I am loving it... yes it is work to get your referrals but slowly but surely it is coming along. When frustrated I remember it is a marathon not a race... all will come in good time... but I see the tremendous potential here for all of us... I'm loving it!
I do have a question... does anyone know why Target has lowered thier cash back? I just noticed the change last night. but i am excited about our new partners... SAKS...etc.
Also would like to say I love all the positive posting and helpful STE members...
it is very uplifting to see people who do not know each other helping each other.
Thanks to all
and Happy Scoring!

Dinah Jewel said...

Hi Boxer,
Login to your back office and put in a support ticket.

Paula said...

Hi everyone. I'm new to STE and blogs but excited about it all. I know there are non-profits out there doing well with STE and would love to get some info on them and how well they are doing, to show prospects. If they wouldn't mind, contact info would be extremly helpful. My STE ID is /paulawatts. Good luck all!!

eragsdale said...

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Dinah Jewel said...

Hay Everyone,
What happened to Home Depot???
I have a question, or statement. I would rather give a $100. a month to God’s Little Acres than to buy things I won't use.
Hay Pat, why not set up a link to donate to God’s Little Acres and or other charities???

Anonymous said...

I would very much like to have access to flyers that charities (churches, hospitals etc) can use to promote their sites to their supporters. Are there any such items available?