Thursday, January 28, 2010

ShopToEarn Moves to The Next Step, Last Post!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

ShopToEarth Social Media in 2010: January 12 @ 9 pm ET

Social Media Happy Hour Training hosted by @lisabuyer and @stacykinney with special guests Mike Morisi on Tuesday, January 12 @ 9 pm ET Register now, space is limited!

2010 is the year to get serious about social media. ShopToEarth’s social media networks continue to expand in this new decade. If you discovered social media last year and decided to explore what social media can do for your ShopToEarth business then this is the to buckle down and really get serious with social media. The ShopToEarth social media team is here to help, each month we offer social media training designed specifically to help grow the ShopToEarth business, share, interactive and communicate with us!

Here’s what to expect:
• 2010 ShopToEarth Social Media Review
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Blogs
• LinkedIN
• YouTube
• Social Media Dos and Don’ts
• Mike Morisi shares how he uses Social Media for the ShopToEarth business–
• Social Media Profiles to Avoid – don’t get labeled as a whiner, complainer, gossiper or spammer
• Essential Twitter tips
• How to make Friends on Facebook
• Socialize your STE Business and your Life
• How to report ShopToEarth abuse and violations on social media
• Why Social Media and ShopToEarth?
• 10 takeaways to help you rock your ShopToEarth business

This business building webinar has something for social media users of all experience levels so mark the date and join us. Space is Limited : Reserve your Social Media Webinar seat now at:">"

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

ShopToEarth Enviro PRO-file: Ed Begley

Emmy Nominated Actor, Friend of the Planet, ShopToEarth Next Step Speaker

ShopToEarth likes good company and “Mr. Eco” himself, Ed Begley, will be joining STE during their annual Next Step Event, January 2010. Best known as Dr. Victor Ehrlich on the hit television show St. Elsewhere, Begley’s long career as an environmental activist threatens to outshine his onscreen accomplishments.

Since 1970, Ed Begley has been striving to live harmoniously with the Earth. At that time, he became a vegan, recycled and got his first electric car - a Taylor-Dunn golf cart. Today, Begley owns a home powered entirely by solar and wind, rides a bicycle or bus rather than drive his current electric car – a Toyota RAV4 EV- and has his own line of eco-friendly household cleaners.

Begley’s commitment to saving the planet has no boundaries. In November of 2008, he gave Thanksgiving with his family to participate in a promotion backed by the Hunter Fan Company which required him to travel to five cities in five days to generate awareness about saving money on energy bills. He and his wife, Rachelle Carson, currently have their own hit reality show on HGTV called ‘Living with Ed’ which gives viewers an inside look at the challenges of living an eco-friendly life.

Considered an environmental leader in Hollywood, Ed Begley has served on the boards of several associations and foundations dedicated to environmental education and implementation of solutions that help the planet. The list includes the Environmental Media Association, the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy, The American Oceans Campaign and Tree People.

His work in the environmental community has earned him a number of awards from such noteworthy eco-groups as the California League of Conservation Voters, the Natural Resources Defense Council and The Coalition for Clean Air. Ed Begley is also a member of several worthwhile organizations such as the Friends of the Earth, Thoreau Institute and the Earth Communications Office.

ShopToEarth is honored to have Ed Begley speaking at The Next Step Conference January 29-31st in Orlando, Florida. Ed will be educating ShopToEarn Representatives about the environmental challenges facing us today and what we can do to be a part of the solution.

If you haven’t already done so, visit your Virtual Office to register for The Next Step. You can also tune into the ShopToEarth Twitter or Facebook account for live updates on what’s happening at the conference. However, we much prefer you be there in person to experience this phenomenal event firsthand.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ShopToEarth Asks: Are Your Clicks Chic?

Poll Shows How Women Shop Online

Chic clicks are turning women into digital fashionistas who hunt down deals shopping online rather than wearing themselves out driving from store to store. A poll of 1000 of these smart shoppers revealed ten tidbits of information that every ShopToEarth online shopping business can use to position their business for success.

1. A whopping 87% of women used coupons at least some of the time

2. 63% say they wait until they get a coupon or the item goes on sale before making a purchase

3. 79% of women use the internet to get items they can’t find in their local stores

4. Before making a purchase 83% look for feedback about an item and 78% read user reviews

5. 14% of shoppers 18-34 tap their social networks for advice by posting pictures of products on social media outlets

6. 1 in 10 women used their cell phones to find information about a product while in the store

7. 29% splurged and made a purchase online to cheer up about the recession

8. Favorite things to buy online: 41% clothes, 31% books, 18% household items and 16% electronics

9. Women won’t buy just anything: 25% said they would not purchase food or groceries, 16% declined to buy clothes, 14% refused to buy shoes and 13% turned their nose up at buy appliances online

10. 37% of women shopped online in the last year had a bad experience

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

ShopToEarth’s Spirit of Green Living: Ana Rust – Fan of the Week

If there is one person who embodies the spirit of green living, it is Ana Rust. Join us in congratulating Ana Rust for earning the title of ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth Facebook Fan of the Week. Born in the economic, industrial and cultural center of Mexico, the capital Mexico City, Ana now lives in Doral, Florida with her husband where she takes care of the accounting and financial responsibilities of their professional audio business. Since they always have a need for electronic components, Ana has found their ShopToEarn business to be an invaluable resource for saving time and money.
A motivated mom of two girls that live and breathe dancing, Ana has always had a love and concern about the planet.
“I spent countless summers in our family ranch in contact with animals, nature and natural products so I know the importance of doing my part for our precious Earth,” reports Ana.

Favorite Shop To Earth Items:
It was difficult to choose but at the top of Ana’s list are the Yerba Prima Colon Care caps, Ecover Laundry Softener, Biokleen Bleach Free Laundry Powder, True Green All Purpose Cleaner and Yute shopping bags.

Favorite Thing About ShopToEarn:

Ana loves being able to save money on the things she buys everyday and appreciates the ease and convenience of shopping online.
“My family comes often to visit and of course to shop. But now we order items before they arrive in Miami and we spend time at home instead of in the malls.”

Favorite Tip for New ShopToEarn Members:
“Think outside the box! Most of the items you need on a monthly basis can be shipped to your door for less than what you pay in stores. Take the time to visit 2 retailers you don't know from the list a day and see what products they sell. You will be surprised!”

Favorite Shop To Earn Business Advice: “This is a long term business, you have to know your website and use it in order to be able to understand the savings and share it with others. Helping your team save will help you grow your business together.”

Favorite Eco Tip:

“Let's help reduce pollutants in the water system by using biodegradable soaps, shampoos, conditioners, softeners cleaners and detergents. If we all do our part we can do a lot for our planet.”

Monday, December 14, 2009

ShopToEarth Likes This! Green Monday to Break Online Shopping Records

According to comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni, Green Monday, one of the heaviest online shopping days of the holiday season, holds the potential to produce the first recorded $900 million in online sales in holiday shopping history.

“Although this most recent week of holiday shopping did not produce the first $900 million spending day, we saw above average growth rates including a strong end to the week,” said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni. “Monday, December 14 – otherwise known as Green Monday – is likely to produce our heaviest online spending total for the season and represents our best opportunity to finally surpass that elusive $900 million spending threshold.”

Gian goes on to say that shoppers will continue to hit the virtual malls all this week before returning to the brick and mortar stores for last minute items.

“For ShopToEarn ecommerce business owners, this means now is the best time to share your online shopping business to friends and family members,” states Dan Swiniarski, ShopToEarth President.

comScore, who has been measuring online shopping since 2001 also shared the good news that online spending has increased 3% over last year. Currently, Cyber Monday – the Monday after Black Friday – holds the record high this year at $887 million in online sales. Now that’s a lot of socks.

Friday, December 4, 2009

We’re mixing it up this month for the Social Media Happy Hour with Facebook! ShopToEarn has served Twitter on tap during the recent Social Media Happy Hours, this month, the social savvy focus is shifting to friends and fans of Facebook.

Tuesday, December 8th @ pm ET

There are now more than 350 million people on Facebook, and your Social Media hosts Lisa Buyer and Stacy Kinney are going to share everything you need to know to kick-start your Shop To Earn e-commerce business network through Facebook.

In addition to making Facebook the focal point, Lisa will report live from the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago, where she will be speaking and gathering first-hand Facebook tips and trends from Internet Marketing professionals from around the world.

Join Lisa and Stacy, with special guests Rich and Julie Soviero, as they take you through the steps of setting up a profile, interacting and using Facebook for business, and using the ShopToEarth Facebook Fan Page! Get tips, hear Do's and Don'ts, see real-life examples, and study success stories you can model your own efforts after from professionals who work with Facebook everyday.

Whether you’re new to social media or already have some experience, this ShopToEarn Social Media Happy Hour has something for all skill levels. Space is limited, so reserve your Happy Hour seat today at
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