Friday, June 26, 2009

ShopToEarn Shopping Webinar Recap

Thanks for those who joined Julie Soviero & Barb Sloboda on this week’s Shop To Earn shopping webinar. For those who missed the webinar, check out the recap and shopping savings story below.

ShopToEarn Weekly Shopping Webinars
  • Teach Shop To Earn associates how to shop through their web sites
  • Show effective Internet shopping tips to ensure cash back
  • Explain how to use coupons and find exclusive online deals
  • Discuss the steps to becoming a conscious consumer
  • Encourage participants to plan ahead and register with stores for the best ways to save money
  • Give participants special shopping codes that can be used at different ShopToEarn retailers each week

Wednesday’s webinar also discussed the 10,000 new products, 300 new retailers, and the $10.99 flat rate shipping that are coming to ShopToEarth July 1st.

For those that are new to ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth, participating in the weekly shopping call can be a great intro into how to use this business. See below for a great example of a gift for men and the savings that can come from it.

Shopping on your web site can direct any shopper to the perfect gift. Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth offer hundreds of options, all of which help save lots of money with cash back and online discounts.

This shopping story came from Shop To Earn Top Producer, Roy Oppenheim.

Purchase: Men’s Skincare Products
Retailer: on ShopToEarn
Retail Price: $216.24
ShopToEarn’s Price: $139.40
(20% Off, Free Shipping, No Sales Tax + 12% Cash Back)
Total Savings: $76.84 + 20 Points (remember, Points = Cash)

Do you have a great online shopping story of your own to share? ShopToEarn would love to hear it! Post your own savings as a comment on this blog. Also remember to enter our June Twitter Challenge for a chance to have your savings doubled by Shop To Earn.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What’s Your Favorite ShopToEarth Product?

ShopToEarth is looking for Testimonials about your favorite ShopToEarth product(s). Share your story for the chance to be featured on the front page of the new ShopToEarth website!

All we need is a few sentences about your favorite ShopToEarth product, the product line or retailer, why you love the product, and what it has done for you, along with your picture, the state you live in, and your profession.*

Please email your story to before this Friday, June 26th to be considered for placement on the new ShopToEarth home page.

*By sending this information in, you are giving ShopToEarth your permission to use your photo and testimonial.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shop To Earth Announces Eco-friendly Products and Commission News

Dan Swiniarski, Joe Locke and Pat Welsh have a message for you. Last week, they hosted a webinar with summer announcements highlighting the amazing changes in store for Shop To Earth. If you missed the webinar, go to Company News in your Virtual Office and click on the 6/12/09 entry, ShopToEarth Summer Announcements: Simplifying the Commissions Program.

The summer announcements include the introduction of 300 new Shop To Earth retailers, offering more than 10,000 natural and organic products that are coming to Shop To Earth starting July 1, 2009.

However, in addition to the new product launch, Shop To Earth is enhancing and simplifying the Commissions Program. To see the details about these exciting enhancements, watch the webcast replay that is available in the Company News section of the Shop To Earn Virtual Office. So login now to hear it straight from the top, as Pat Welsh, Dan Swiniarski and Joe Locke describe how ShopToEarn and its sales teams will benefit from the positive shifts that are taking place.

Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth appreciate everyone’s understanding and support as the company continues to work diligently to ensure the long-term viability of Shop To Earth.

Live Green. Save Green. Earn Green.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shop To Earn Social Media Happy Hour

This week Tuesday, Shop To Earn’s monthly Social Media Boot Camp became a happy hour. Hosted by The Buyer Group’s Lisa Buyer and Sarah Van Elzen, Tuesday’s webinar discussed Shop To Earn’s new communication outlets with an emphasis on Twitter.

Since ShopToEarn is streamlining communication and limiting the number of daily e-mails, the push/pull outlets to contact representatives include checking the ShopToEarn Virtual Office or the ShopToEarn Official Blog, and following @shoptoearn and @shoptoearth on Twitter.

This month’s social media webinar theme was the “Glitter” of Twitter. Following @ShopToEarn and @ShopToEarth on Twitter is a great way to receive up-to-the-minute updates about the business. Even Shop To Earn’s executives are sharing their personal status with the company.

Who to Follow on Twitter
Pat Welsh @shoptoearnpw
Dan Swiniarski @danswiniarski
Joe Locke @shoptoearthjl
Mark Soderquist @MarkSoderquist
ShopToEarth @shoptoearth
ShopToEarn @shoptoearth
Rich Soviero @richsoviero
Julie Soviero @juliesoviero
Lisa Buyer @lisabuyer

Last night’s Social Media Happy Hour informed representatives how to best use Twitter as it relates to Shop To Earn, including the basics of Twitter, re-tweets (RT), direct messages (DM), and public @replies. The webinar instructed participants to use Twitter with devices on so associates get real time updates sent to their cell phones.

As always, it is important to follow ShopToEarn’s business guidelines when using Twitter. Associates must understand the compliance rules about using the Shop To Earn logo, name, or contents, and also the use of third party trademarks. All of this information is stated in the Website Owner and Business Builder Agreements located in the company’s Virtual Office.

The next Social Media Happy Hour will be July 7th, so please join us if you would like to be in the know on social media.

Happy Hour Follow-up Questions
Here’s a look at some of the questions that were asked during the webinar, which we were unable to get to before time ran out.

How can I add a short link to my tweet?
The best way to have a link fit in the 140-character limit of a tweet is to use a Web site to shorten the URL. Our favorite site to use is, which can shorten lengthy URLs to as little as 10 characters. Once shortened, Twitter will automatically turn any URL into a clickable link for your followers.

How can I send and receive tweets from my cell phone?
Tweeting from your phone is simple and easy. To receive messages, simply select the option to turn devices on when you chose to follow someone. You will need to add and verify your cell phone number in the devices tab under the main Twitter settings. Once your phone has been added, it is just as easy to begin sending messages from your phone. All you need to do is send a text message that is less than 140 characters to 40404 and Twitter will update your status. You can also download Twitter applications if you have a BlackBerry or iPhone.

What is a hash tag?
An exciting component of Twitter is the ability to index words for users to see all that is being said about a particular topic. A hash tag (#) is what Twitter uses for indexing. Simply type # before anything you would like to be indexed in your tweet, for example type #ShopToEarn or #ShopToEarth, and your post will display as a search result for those words.

What is a twibe?
ShopToEarn now has a Twibe on Twitter. That means anyone’s tweets including the keywords #ShopToEarn, #ShopToEarth or Shop To Earn will automatically feed into our Twibe. Joining the Twibe allows users to easily find and communicate with other ShopToEarn associates in the Twibe. To join the ShopToEarn Twibe visit:

Please feel free to leave any social media comments or questions you may have.
Also, be on the look out for your opportunity to register for July’s Social Media Happy Hour and learn how to use these exciting tools to maximize your ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth business network!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Social Media Boot Camp Tonight, ShopToEarth Seminar Schedule

As the company gears up for another successful summer season with ShopToEarth, Live Company Overviews and Shortcut to Success Seminars are popping up in areas across the country!

Take a close look at the list below, and think about “Who Do You Know?” in those areas. Connect people with these events so they can learn about Shop To Earn first-hand, from some of the company’s best and most successful leaders!

Shop To Earn just added two event locations for tomorrow, Wednesday, June 10th. One in Malibu, CA and the other in Mount Pocono, PA.

Also, be sure to tune in tonight to the Social Media Boot Camp webinar, as well as the National Shopping webinar tomorrow night. Seating is limited for these webinars, so be sure to pre-register now! Go to Conference Calls in your Virtual Office for registration details and links.

Tuesday, June 9th : Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication – New York, NY
Join Top Money Earners Rick Clark and Jimmy Boucher as they present a Live Company Overview and training, and host this special event in Manhattan.

Whistlin’ Dixie’s Texas Tavern (on 11th and 51st)
714 West 11th Avenue
New York, NY 10019

Schedule of Events:
6:30PM – Mix and Mingle
7PM – Live Company Overview
8PM – 4 Steps to Duplication
This event is FREE for Brokers and Guests!

Tuesday, June 9th : Social Media Boot Camp @ 8PM EDT
Find out the basics of how to join the conversation about saving the planet, saving money and earning cash back. This social media boot camp will cover beginning, advanced and updated tips about Twitter, and the official ShopToEarn blog. Tonight’s boot camp will do a recap of LinkedIn, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube as well.

Go to Conference Calls in your Virtual Office for registration details and links.

Wednesday, June 10th : Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication – Malibu, CA
Join VP of Sales, Joe Locke, for this event in Malibu, CA. This is a great opportunity to invite your referrals to come see what all the excitement is all about as we are sharing how to live a Greener Lifestyle, while saving and earning Green at the same time!

Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School (In the Auditorium)
6955 Fernhill Drive
Malibu, CA 90265

Schedule of Events:
7PM – Meet and Mingle
7:30PM – Live Company Overview
8:30PM – 4 Steps to Duplication
Hosted by Maria-Flora Smoller and Darbe Nokes

Wednesday, June 10th : Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication – Mt. Pocono, PA
Do not miss this special presentation by ShopToEarn top Money Earners Rick Clark and Jimmy Boucher in Pennsylvania!

Comfort Inn
800 Route 940 (At I-611 & I-380)
Mount Pocono, PA 18344
Hotel Phone: (570) 839-9282

Schedule of Events:
7:30PM – Mix and Mingle
8PM – Live Company Overview
9PM – 4 Steps to Duplication
This event is FREE for Brokers and Guests!

Wednesday, June 10th : Live Shopping Webinar @ 9PM EDT
Learn how to shop, save, and share your ShopToEarn Website from our resident shopping divas Lil Roberts and Julie Soviero @juliesoviero. Learn tips about creating a socially responsible shopping community and special saving deals including FREE shipping, limited offer coupons, and discounted products.

Go to Conference Calls in your Virtual Office for registration details and links.

Thursday, June 11th : Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication – Scottsdale, AZ
Join Broker and Live Tour/Training Call Leader, Chip Bartley, for this Live Company Overview and Training in preparation for the Shortcut to Success being held in Scottsdale, AZ this weekend.

Hilton Garden Inn
8550 East Princess Drive
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
Hotel Phone: (480) 515-4944

Schedule of Events:
6:30PM – Meet and Mingle
7PM – Live Company Overview
8PM – 4 Steps to Duplication

June 12th & 13th : Shortcut to Success – Scottsdale, AZ
Join ShopToEarth Founder, Pat Welsh, and VP of Sales, Joe Locke, as they share their expertise about how to build a large sales team in Arizona at this beautiful resort and spa. Go to ShopToEarth Seminars in your Training/Support Center for location, schedule and to pre-register today!

Thursday, June 18th : Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication – Camarillo, CA
Join VP of Sales, Joe Locke, for this Live Company Overview and Training about an hour north of Los Angeles.

Sterling Hills Golf Club
901 Sterling Hills Drive
Camarillo, CA 93010

Schedule of Events:
6:30PM Doors Open - Meet and Greet
7:30PM Live Company Overview and 4 Steps To Duplication
$10 Broker Contribution. Guests are Free!

Thursday, June 18th : Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication – Redmond, WA
Join Brokers Dale Koehrsen and Rob Quello, as they present a Live Company Overview and training, and promote for the Shortcut to Success in Portland, OR – June 26th & 27th.

Redmond Marriott Town Center
7401 164th Avenue NE
Redmond, WA 98052
Hotel Phone: (425) 498-4000

Schedule of Events:
6:30PM Doors Open – Meet and Greet
7PM Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication
$20 Broker Contribution. Guests are Free!

Saturday, June 20th : Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication – Woodburn, OR
Join Brokers Dale Koehrsen and Kevin Bauerle, along with Vice President of Aquasana, Houston Tomasz, as they present this Live Company Overview and training in the Eco-Conscious state of Oregon!

The Oregon Golf Association - Tukwila Clubhouse
(This is a satellite Clubhouse, not the main one)
955 Tukwila Drive
Woodburn, OR 97071
OGA Phone: (503) 981-4653

Schedule of Events:
9:30AM Meet and Greet
10AM Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication
11AM Fresh Fruit Break
11:15AM – 1PM Training

Monday, June 22nd : Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication – Westminster, CO
Join ShopToEarth Founder, Pat Welsh, ShopToEarn President, Dan Swiniarski and Broker Mike Moore for this event designed to build momentum in the Mile High City!

Westin Westminster Hotel
10600 Westminster Blvd
Westminster, CO 80020
Hotel Phone: (303) 410-5000

Schedule of Events:
7PM Meet and Greet
7:30PM Live Company Overview
8:30PM 4 Steps to Duplication
$10 Broker Contribution. Guests are Free!

Saturday, June 27th : Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication – Rockport, ME
Join Top Money Earners Rick Clark and Jimmy Boucher as they host a Live Company Overview and special training in the beautiful state of Maine!

Lily Pond House
120 Union Street
Rockport, ME 04856
LPH Phone: (207) 236-2112

Schedule of Events:
6PM – Mix and Mingle
7PM – Live Company Overview and 4 Steps to Duplication
8:15PM – Question and Answers
8:30PM – Special Broker Training
This event is FREE for Brokers and Guests! Seating is Limited.

June 19th & 20th : Shortcut to Success – Chicago, IL
June 26th & 27th : Shortcut to Success – Portland, OR
Locations for both of the above seminars will be posted this week. Go to ShopToEarth Seminars to pre-register today!

Stay tuned for more location information and sign up to reserve your spot in the webinars today!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

ShopToEarn Seminar This Weekend Fort Lauderdale

Last year around this time, ShopToEarn had a total of 2,700 people in the business and starting in June 2008, Shop To Earn started seeing a record setting growth period that propelled Shop To Earn to over 80,000 representatives by year’s end!

Yet, that is not even the good news! With all of the enhancements that are coming in the next 30, 60, 90 days; and with the addition of 10,000 NEW ShopToEarth products at the end of this month, ShopToEarn is poised for another period of explosive growth during the Summer of 2009!

NOW is the perfect time to jump start your ShopToEarth business and come join Shop To Earn at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Bonaventure hotel to hear about the business first hand. Read on for the weekend details and login to your ShopToEarth portal to register.

June 5th & 6th : Shortcut to Success – Weston, FL
Join ShopToEarth Founder, Pat Welsh, and VP of Sales, Joe Locke, as they return to the South Florida to advance momentum and share the simple systems for success in this business. Be sure to pre-register today by going to ShopToEarth Seminars in your Virtual Office.

Remember, the Live Overview on Friday night is FREE and open to everyone. It is a great opportunity to invite new referrals to come meet the ShopToEarn Management Team. Come meet the crew and relax in a social atmosphere where you can learn about all the incredible improvements that are coming during the next 90 days. Registration is not required for the Live Overview and dress is business casual.

ShopToEarn suggests bringing a laptop to the Friday night overview, where a wireless network will be available to enroll new referrals in the business.

Hyatt Regency Bonaventure
250 Racquet Club Drive
Weston, FL 33326
Reservations: 954-616-1234

Schedule of Events

Friday - June 5th
6:00PM - 7:15PM Shortcut to Success Pre-Registration
Remember, there is no registration required for the Live Company Overview.

6:30PM – 7:30PM Social Mixer and Cash Bar
7:30PM - 8:30PM LIVE Company Overview
8:30PM - 9:00PM Preview of Shortcut to Success
9:00PM - 9:45PM Shortcut to Success Pre-Registration

Saturday - June 6th
8:00AM – 9:00AM Shortcut to Success Registration
9:00AM – 1:00PM STS Morning Session
1:00PM – 2:30PM Lunch Break
2:10PM – 2:30PM Leadership Meeting (Must have SCORE!(d) at least 3 times to attend)
2:30PM – 6:30PM STS Afternoon Session
7:00PM – 10:00PM Live Music and Cash Bar Poolside

There’s never been a better time to grow in ShopToEarn!

Shop To Earn's Shopping Video Contest June

Shop To Earn’s YouTube shopping story video contest is back for the month of June!
We encourage everyone to pick up their video camera, record their favorite shopping story and send it our way.

Why you ask? Because you could win $200 from ShopToEarn!!

Hey, but don’t take it from us. Just ask Lyn, the ShopToEarth money winner from April. Check out her video and other entry videos at the Shop To Earn YouTube channel:

ShopToEarn Video Submission Rules
The first 50 people to send in their video win a free Shop To Earth t-shirt and one grand prizewinner gets $200 in ShopToEarth money.

Each shopping story video will be judged based on creativity, story line and savings!

We will also share each video submission on the ShopToEarn YouTube Channel, so if you’re looking to be seen and heard, now is the time.

Please send your videos via to
before June 30, 2009 and make sure you include your full name, ShopToEarn URL, phone number, and email address. Good luck to all.

ShopToEarn’s Biggest Saver Contest June

Thanks everyone for submitting to the May Twitter Savings Challenge! The responses were fantastic and inspiring. The shopping stories shared on Twitter via @shoptoearn showed the incredible savings available through the Shop To Earn network. As a Grand Prize, Shop To Earn will double the savings posted by our lucky winner, Leslie, who bought four Dunlap tires at saving $207.04. Read on for Leslie’s winning post.

LesliePrebianca @shoptoearn 4-Dunlap tires at $252.00/43.96 ship/no tax/$23 cashback+23 pts Local price $480/Saved $207.04 = 57% savings WOW!!!!

However, before you get too carried away in the awesome savings our ShopToEarn associates shared, we want to encourage you to participate in this month’s Biggest Saver contest. ShopToEarn’s Biggest Saver has begun again and will be accepting savings tweets via @shoptoearn until June 30, 2009. Make sure to include the item you purchased, the ShopToEarn retailer you utilized, and how much you saved through Shop To Earn in your tweet. See below for example tweets and May’s Biggest Saver runners up!

ShopToEarn Twitter Contest Runners Up:
Gretahardie @gretahardie @shoptoearn BlackDiamond Earrings saved $70 w/promo $15 No ship + $24No tax and 12%back $36 at Netaya Tot Sav $145

sms2 @shoptoearn..Purchased bed at, 5% cash back, 20% off for Memorial Day sale, Total Savings $129.70 through #ShoptoEarn!

Anarust @ShopToEarn bought clothes for our trip to Cancun @ Aeropostale, Original: $195.95, I paid $112.91, will get $5.64 back. Total Saved $77.40

Anarust @ShopToEarn I bought 3 $25 gift certificates @ for our teachers for $6 will get $.90 back that is $68.10 savings code:SPECIAL

amymacc @shoptoearn running shoes & sunglasses at Dicks $184.97-30.00 (online vs in-store) -7.29 (free ship) -7.75 (5% cash back) = 45.04 saved

Stacykinney @shoptoearn Kohl's sale saved $8, 20% coupon, FREE ship, 4% STE cash, 4 points & 5% on Discover- STE Savy shopper $45 savings

sms2 @shoptoearn Used on #Shoptoearn 17%cash back, 20% off promo coupon from 10% off w/member discount, saved $28.93

Brandon Dunn and Dan Swinarski also shared great savings through Twitter!
DanSwiniarski @ShopToEarn Rental car, just saved over $300 & will earn 3% in Cash & Points through Priceline, Unbelievable!

brandondunn @shoptoearn The power of #shoptoearn! Hotel and rental car in Baltimore: $567, through Priceline $274 + cash back, a savings of over $300!

The Shop To Earn Biggest Saver contest does not include bidding retailers like or other auction-type sites where savings apply but cash back is not awarded. The Biggest Saver will have their savings matched once the cash back posts to his or her account.

We encourage everyone to start shopping and tweeting today!

ShopToEarn Emails Streamlined Thru Social Media

Emails are History!

Communicating to our network via email has become increasingly inefficient and unreliable due to the widespread spamming and security laws. ShopToEarn has made the corporate decision to streamline communication and decrease the use of traditional daily group email. Effective immediately, you can find all the official ShopToEarn news, events, ShopToEarth seminar dates and shopping information in the following places:
  • Your Virtual Office under Company News, Seminars, Conference Calls
  • and
  • The Official ShopToEarn Blog -

If you don’t have a Twitter account and want to stay in touch with real time updates, we suggest you set up an account and follow ShopToEarn with your cell phone device on. This feature will send you text messages on all news and real time updates. Go to and click on Join today! Be sure you follow both @shoptoearn and @shoptoearth ( so you get both sides of the company news.

In addition, although we are streamlining our communication, customer service still needs to be able to contact and communicate with you via email. If you are not receiving emails, please contact your email provider and have them whitelist ShopToEarn. For more information go to FAQ’s in your Virtual Office and refer to Email: Problems Receiving ShopToEarn Emails.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ShopToEarn Shopping Stories

ShopToEarn truly offers some amazing deals, but don’t take it from us! Listen to your peers and Shop To Earn associates. We constantly get blog comments and Twitter posts about how happy associates are and the great shopping deals they experience. Check out the latest shopping stories from Tami Caci-Armao and her husband Anthony.
Shop To Earn Associate: Tami Caci-Aramo
Purchase: New Kitchen Faucet
Wohl Plumbing, Sunrise: $504.56 with tax and 1 week for delivery
Allied Kitchen & Bath, Fort Lauderdale: $477 with tax and 10 days for delivery
ShopToEarn - eFaucets: $354.55 with $5 coupon, no sales tax and FREE Shipping, PLUS 5% cash back equaling $17.73 from ShopToEarn
Total ShopToEarn Savings: $167.74 and 17 Points
Shop To Earn Associate: Tami Caci-Aramo
Purchase: 3 Orit Roccas Swimsuits and 1 Cover
In Store Total: $421.74
ShopToEarn – Victoria Secret: $310.57 after online only 25% discount on select colors and extra discount code for $75 off, PLUS 4% cash back equaling $12.42 from ShopToEarn
Total ShopToEarn Savings: $123.59 and 12 Points

Shop To Earn Associate: Anthony Caci-Aramo “Tami’s husband”
Purchase: $100 Gift Card
ShopToEarn Savings: 5% cash back and 5 points for initial purchase, PLUS 5% back on every song that you purchase using the gift card
Total ShopToEarn Savings: 10% back from what is normally a 5% payout

Have a story better than theirs? We encourage you to post your own ShopToEarn or ShopToEarth shopping stories as comments on this blog. Also, enter in our Twitter challenge for a chance to have your savings doubled by ShopToEarn.

Shop. Save. Share.