Monday, December 8, 2008 Question and Answer

Hi everyone! We’ve had quite a few questions in the comments section, and we would like to address some of them!

Q. Are you considering opening up the business to Canada?
A. Not currently, but we will keep you posted on future happenings!

Q. What’s the situation with Wal-mart?
A. Wal-mart is restructuring its affiliate program and as a result we are currently not working with them on the Shop To Earn site.

Q. Can I set up a Flash Web site for my personal broker account?
A. Any online presence other than your official Shop To Earn page must be in compliance with your business agreement, which states “using the name of ShopToEarn, ShopToEarth, STE, Shop2Earn, Shop2Earth, Shop To Earn, or Shop To Earth in any other way that your specific web address (including on Web sites and in corporate names) violates the terms and conditions of this agreement and a member account that violates any of the terms and conditions of this agreement may be terminated at the company’s discretion.”

Q. I am interested in becoming a Shop To Earth vendor, what should I do?
A. In the first quarter of 2009, there will be a PDF form available on the Shop To Earn site to fill out for consideration as a ShopToEarth vendor. Keep an eye out!

Additionally, we receive a lot of questions regarding web portal functionality, order processing and vendor issues. If you are having technical problems of any sort with your portal or orders, please fill out a support ticket in your back office. That is the only way to ensure your issue is corrected. If you are contacting us on this blog regarding a support issue, please include the order number and date.


The Shop To Earn Team


Anonymous said...

I am interested in sending out an informational email about my website portal to all my contacts. I want it to be efficient in letting my contacts know about our business to the best of my ability. Is there a place where I could find something I could copy and paste into this email so it sounds professional and inticing?

N&D said...

Not sure Gail. But I'd like to express an opinion and maybe start a thread. My opinion and thoughts about my business has changed over time. I used to think that I'd approach it as a website owner first and broker second. Now I think it is better to do the opposite. I like to invite my contacts to a tour call. If the opportunity is not for them I ask they patronize my site. I think this serves 2 functions. One, you can never get a 2nd chance at a 1st impression and the tour call is a great 1st impression. 2nd, your contacts understand what you trying to accomplish and since they have had some face time with a STE website they will be more likely to remember and use your site.

Victor SEO said...

what happened to home depot and pet meds

JaDee said...

They are there.
Check 1-800-PetMeds and
The Home Depot.
All good on the site!
Hope to see you at Leadership!

RichardFinn said...

Hi, what countries is Shop To Earn available in? (I have friends in other countries and would like them to know about this, if it's available.)

ShopToEarn said...

USA and Puerto Rico.