Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last Day for ShoptoEarth Season Pass to Leadership

Today is the last day to purchase the ShopToEarth Seminar Discounted Season Pass!

In case you missed the ShopToEarth Leadership conference this past weekend in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, take note that it was an action-packed three days full of motivation and inspiration on how to be strong, be committed, and to TAKE ACTION in 2009.

Want to be a Pro? Then act like one and sign up for the Season Pass to ShopToEarth success.

The key to ShopToEarth is training. Like any business, you need to know the business to be the business leader.

The key to success is the development of the right mindset and skill-set. With the introduction of the ShopToEarth Leadership Seminars Discounted Season Pass, you now have an opportunity to work with the most knowledgeable and experienced trainers to improve your business. With this new opportunity, you have a chance to invest in yourself and your future like never before. Now your commitment is rewarded with unprecedented discounts to help you fulfill your true potential in every area of your life.

Your ShopToEarth Leadership Seminars Discounted Season Pass Includes:
► Unlimited Shortcut to Success (30 Sessions):
Regular Tuition - $149 each, Spouse Add - $50
► 1 Communication Pro Workshop:
Regular Tuition - $349, Spouse Add - $100
► 1 Millionaire Mindset:
Regular Tuition- $399, Spouse Add - $100
► 1 Behind The Curtain VIP Seat:
Regular Tuition - $649, Spouse Add - $300
► 1 The Next Step:
Regular Tuition - $179, Spouse Add - $50

Additional Benefits Include:
►Each season pass holder receives his/her own custom name badge that you can reuse at each seminar.
►Each season pass holder is automatically upgraded to VIP for every event!

If you attend a minimum of six out of the 30 Shortcut To Success seminars that will take place over the next 12 months and all of the advanced programs, your tuition for these trainings would be $2,470.

If you purchase a regular season pass the tuition is only $1,899
If you purchase the ShopToEarth Leadership Seminars Discounted Season Pass the tuition is only $1,499 (Spouses Add $599)
Save Over 40% Plus Get $225 Cash Back
Expires 1/31/09 - so see your back office for details or ask one of your team leaders.

Do you have a story to share about last week's Leadership conference? Tell us about it!

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