Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shop To Earn Ring of Honor

Shop To Earn announces the Ring of Honor by recognizing the first 10 inductees, which were pinned at the Leadership Conference in January.

To enter the Ring of Honor, a Shop To Earn Business Builder must earn at least $250,000 in 12 consecutive months and must be in good standing with the company.

All Ring of Honor inductees receive a custom white gold pin in the shape of an earth that contains the following representative jewels: sapphire for ocean, emerald for land, and diamonds surrounding the earth’s circumference.

Sapphire Club
Shop To Earn associates that earned $250,000 in 12 consecutive months were inducted into the Sapphire Club. The sapphire stones represent the blue water that makes up 70 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Shop To Earn Sapphire Club inductees include: Dan Daragan, Beverly Jonas, Roy Oppenheim, Tim Moore, Raul and Paula Santidrian, Rich and Julie Soviero, and Tami Caci Armao.

Emerald Club
Shop To Earn associates that earned $500,000 in 12 consecutive months receive the Emerald Club pin with the ocean sapphires, as mentioned above in addition to emeralds that represent the green land making up 30 percent of the Earth’s surface.

Diamond Club
Shop To Earn associated that generate $1,000,000 in Shop To Earn revenue within 12 consecutive months are presented the Ring of Honor Diamond Club. Both the ocean and the land are filled with sapphires and emeralds while diamonds form a clear ring around the Earth’s surface.

Shop To Earn Diamond Club inductees include: Rick Clark

Congratulations to all of the Ring of Honor inductees for leading by example, for proving to all that plugging into ShopToEarth seminars turns dreams into reality, and for making a difference in the lives of many!

To hear what some of these Ring of Honor inductees are saying visit the Shop To Earn YouTube channel.

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