Friday, August 7, 2009

Is Shop To Earn a Pyramid? Overcoming Objections By Lil Roberts

Last night, Shop To Earn advisory board member, Lil Roberts, hosted the second weekly call on The Art of the Introduction and Mastering Objections. The goal of this call is to help Shop To Earn associates improve their business skills. As a master of the business herself, Lil Roberts divulges her secrets to conference call attendees and offers insightful tips for introducing ShopToEarn and overcoming objections.

Last nights call mostly covered objections. Guest speaker, Shop To Earn Advisory Board Member Dawn Connelly joined Lil and offered her professional litigator skills as an example for overcoming objections. In her professional career, Dawn has been involved with litigation cases with Phillip Morris, McDonald’s and Kraft. The call focused on the following objections:
  1. Is Shop To Earn a Pyramid?
  2. I don’t know anyone
  3. I don’t have time
  4. I don’t have money

Lil and Dawn reminded attendees to keep in mind that objections equal engagement. If someone has an objection before he or she has seen the tour call then you have told them too much. This is something you can learn from and help advance your business.

Lil and Dawn shared the three steps below to overcoming objections:
  1. Ask Why (the person may say the objection is one thing but when you ask them why you may find out it is really something else)
  2. Remove the obstacle if it applies (if their objection is about money, ask if they had the money would this be the business for them. Then, focus on helping them figure out how to find the money)
  3. Walk the person through their objection (as discussed in number two)

For more information about The Art of the Introduction and Mastering Objections join Lil for her next conference call on Thursday, August 13th at 8PM EDT. This is a 30-minute call with a different special guest and topic each week. Next week the special guest will be Shop To Earn trainer, Rich Soviero discussing the Art of the Invitation. The week after that will be a solo call with Lil going over the psychology of The Art of the Invitation and Mastering Objections. Then the next two weeks will feature a special guest with the first week focusing on Objections and one week focusing on the Invitation.

Check your Virtual Office and email for conference call in details and don’t forget to Join Lil next week!

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