Thursday, November 6, 2008

Shop To Earn’s Official Blog is Up and Running!!

Wow! We are so pleased to see all the comments and suggestions given on the Shop To Earn official blog in such a short period of time. We have had over 2,500 visits and 40 comments in the past three days!

We want you to know that as members, you are truly the reason Shop To Earn is quickly becoming the number one e-commerce and online shopping business.

We want to thank all of you for participating in the comment section and will do our best to answer your questions. Many of you left valuable suggestions that we’ve passed on to the Shop To Earn executives – we appreciate that; keep ‘em coming!

Below you will find some quick responses to your questions along with a few reminders as well.
  1. The Shop To Earn Blog link will be added to the “About” section of our Web site soon.
  2. This blog will feature regular blog postings with online shopping tips, Q/A sessions, and a lot more!
  3. Please don’t include your phone number or address in your comments, for your own safety. Comments with that information will not be approved for privacy reasons.
Please continue to engage as a community, leave comments, success stories, questions, and help each other out with tips and tools! If you’re interested in getting notified each time we post a new blog, please subscribe on the right hand side of the screen.

See you online,
The Shop To Earn Team


Judith Reidy said...

I am so happy we can have a community of shop to earn satisfied customers, business builders, and website owners. I have so much appreciated the support from my upline business builders, who have shown how easy it is to answer the questions when i show off the ShoptoEarn and ShoptoEarth website. It' is so exciting to be building a business that you know is contributing to the quality of life for the person who needs to shop and now can easily shop online conveniently from their home while saving gas and time. Plus to be able to offer not only name brand shopping stores but more significantly earth friendly healthy stores.

I am enjoying my experience meeting new people and shopping online.

Great idea to have this blog.

Margi said...

Shop To Earn has changed my life and that of many of my closest friends and family! Trust me, take 45 minutes of your life and watch a presentation or have someone show you the business opportunity ... you will have made the BEST decision in your life! Opportunities like these are once in a lifetime! LEAP OF FAITH, trust and believe!

Nicole said...

I was looking to see where or if we could start threads ourselves here, but don't see one. Here is a concern I have. Since there is no where else to put it, I guess I'll put it here and hope someone can tell me if they've had the same concern.

I notice STE has initiated new commission qualifications since I joined in Sept. It used to be we didn't have to purchase anything from Shoptoearth until our 3rd month (which in our case is Nov). Now I'm seeing we are not qualified because our line didn't qualify. While I understand why you are doing this, I don't think it's right or fair to those of us who joined under different qualification processes. We have done the work to bring the people in, and continue to do so. But it seems we are being penalized if our line doesn't qualify. Please clarify this for me. And let me know if those who joined BEFORE you made these rule changes will be grandfathered in to the Rules as they were when we joined.

csdircks said...

hi my name is camile and my husband and I are new to the STE network, we signed up on Nov 2 08. we are very exceited about this business oppertunity, we have not gotten any sales or any of our friends to join, but thats ok. we seethis as a long term thing, and we are willing to put in the work that is necessary to make this work.

i am also happy to know that this blog was created for STE broker to come talk and post there comments. there are so much negativity out there.

In life nothing is ever handed to you, it takes work, hard work and sometimes faith,we took that chance and we are certain that it will be worth it, not tommorrow but in the long run...

Iwas told by a man who came from nothing, was going to school to become a doctor, he dropped out and now has a multimillion dollar company in jamaica.(thats where i am from), i have known this man since i was a baby, and the best advice he ever gave me. was that.
In life the people who make it,do not just go with the flow, they make their own waves.
I have just created mine, and months from now i will tell you where it has taken me.

Carole said...

Response to csdircks, someone told me once: "He who takes the risks, gets the rewards." I'll let you know after the first of the year how that is working out for me...

Marla said...

Glad to see this blog is up and running. In years past I questioned network marketing. A few years ago I decided to join a network marketing company to supplement my income. I made money but in the end decided there were better opportunities out there working from home. I have studied different compensation plans and while any legitimate company can allow for good income for those willing to work, the binary compensation plan is best in my estimation. It allows an average business builder to experience success. I am very excited to be with this company and a strong team...and am in the process of studying everything. Treat this like a real business and it will pay off. It is a real solution in this economy and we buy these products anyway.

Best of luck to all of you.

connie villiers furze said...

I am so happy that I finally are not afraid of buying online anymore.
I took my husband to my first meting. He said:"go ahead"
I took my Dad, business person for more than 60 years. He said:"Go for it" So I did.
Now that I am purchasing through my website, I have so much more time in my hands, to be with my daughters. It's not easy to bring children shopping, sometimes, in the car. Neither is getting to the place where I would need something from, to find out that it wasn't in stock, or the colour or sizes where not the ones we needed.
In the car again, hot weather in Florida, another ride, another store....Hours later, get back home to cook dinner, or do homework....
I am free of that now, and it's so exciting for everyone to get things in the mail, open those boxes, get money and points back, just by shopping through STE.
Finally! I love this job!

Sandy D said...

What a great way to have fun and earn money at the same time. I call this my "Great Big Profitable Party" It does not feel like work at all! I joined shoptoearn in Sept and have never enjoyed anything as much. I have been in sales for over 30 years and I finally found something people want. My friends actually ask me if they can come to my meetings! I say yes of course!

goudshop said...

Response to Nicole... It is my understanding that the Qualification Rule still does not apply to those in their first 2 months with STE (watch the commission rules video) The new rule had to do with a completely separate issue before you joined.

eragsdale said...

Let's share!

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eragsdale said...

Want to share online shopping tips for sites working with STE?

I added some info to a different thread.
Label: "online shopping"
Post :

csdircks said...

Hi everyone
Is me Camille, well its sunday Nov23rd and we have made $100 so far,"yeah" well, we have added some new touches to our website, we have designed it for out downline,"mom" for it to be easier to show,explain STE to other people. i think its cool. so check it out and send me your comments. Our site is csdircks.
or email us at

Thanks and Bye.