Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shop To Earth Announces Eco-friendly Products and Commission News

Dan Swiniarski, Joe Locke and Pat Welsh have a message for you. Last week, they hosted a webinar with summer announcements highlighting the amazing changes in store for Shop To Earth. If you missed the webinar, go to Company News in your Virtual Office and click on the 6/12/09 entry, ShopToEarth Summer Announcements: Simplifying the Commissions Program.

The summer announcements include the introduction of 300 new Shop To Earth retailers, offering more than 10,000 natural and organic products that are coming to Shop To Earth starting July 1, 2009.

However, in addition to the new product launch, Shop To Earth is enhancing and simplifying the Commissions Program. To see the details about these exciting enhancements, watch the webcast replay that is available in the Company News section of the Shop To Earn Virtual Office. So login now to hear it straight from the top, as Pat Welsh, Dan Swiniarski and Joe Locke describe how ShopToEarn and its sales teams will benefit from the positive shifts that are taking place.

Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth appreciate everyone’s understanding and support as the company continues to work diligently to ensure the long-term viability of Shop To Earth.

Live Green. Save Green. Earn Green.


Jhaura Wachsman said...

Hi STE crew, thanks for the great update. My team and I are very excited about these improvements.

If anyone monitors these comments, please consider adding more well known eco brands like Seventh Generation, Planet and more food items, not just bars to the Earth side. I know they are avail. through the Earn side, but this does not count for qualifications.

Thanks for listening and we all really love STE!



Jhaura Wachsman

Gary Kaufman said...

Thank YOU! You took what was already an amazing opportunity and made it even better. Kudos! I have been a broker since August. You have made good on every promise and every check. It is great to work with a company that has such high integrity and cares about its people. I am here for the long haul.

Gary Kaufman