Tuesday, June 2, 2009

ShopToEarn Shopping Stories

ShopToEarn truly offers some amazing deals, but don’t take it from us! Listen to your peers and Shop To Earn associates. We constantly get blog comments and Twitter posts about how happy associates are and the great shopping deals they experience. Check out the latest shopping stories from Tami Caci-Armao and her husband Anthony.

Shop To Earn Associate: Tami Caci-Aramo
Purchase: New Kitchen Faucet
Wohl Plumbing, Sunrise: $504.56 with tax and 1 week for delivery
Allied Kitchen & Bath, Fort Lauderdale: $477 with tax and 10 days for delivery
ShopToEarn - eFaucets: $354.55 with $5 coupon, no sales tax and FREE Shipping, PLUS 5% cash back equaling $17.73 from ShopToEarn
Total ShopToEarn Savings: $167.74 and 17 Points

Shop To Earn Associate: Tami Caci-Aramo
Purchase: 3 Orit Roccas Swimsuits and 1 Cover
In Store Total: $421.74
ShopToEarn – Victoria Secret: $310.57 after online only 25% discount on select colors and extra discount code for $75 off, PLUS 4% cash back equaling $12.42 from ShopToEarn
Total ShopToEarn Savings: $123.59 and 12 Points

Shop To Earn Associate: Anthony Caci-Aramo “Tami’s husband”
Purchase: $100 Gift Card
ShopToEarn Savings: 5% cash back and 5 points for initial purchase, PLUS 5% back on every song that you purchase using the gift card
Total ShopToEarn Savings: 10% back from what is normally a 5% payout

Have a story better than theirs? We encourage you to post your own ShopToEarn or ShopToEarth shopping stories as comments on this blog. Also, enter in our Twitter challenge for a chance to have your savings doubled by ShopToEarn.

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Tony & Sarah Zanoni said...

We bought a $500.00 gift card to shoebuy.com (6% rebate) 2 weeks ago.
We then went to shoebuy.com thru our STE site and purchased 8 pairs of shoes for myself, my wife and our 3 kids for a total price of $623.70.
We had a 15% off coupon and got an additional 10% off as a first time butyer on shoebuy, which reduced the price to $477.13.
We get cash back of 17%, ($106.29) from shoebuy on top of the 6% ($30.00).
This means our net price for 8 pairs of shoes was $340.84 a savings of $282.86. UNREAL!!!

ShopToEarn said...

Thanks for your story Tony! You should share this on Twitter for the chance to have your savings doubled! http://officialshoptoearn.blogspot.com/2009/05/shoptoearns-biggest-saver-may.html