Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ShopToEarn’s Millionaire Mindset Seminar

What do you get when you cross the financially independent with the eco-conscious? The attendees at ShopToEarn's Millionaire Mindset seminar!
  • What: Shop To Earn/Shop To Earth Millionaire Mindset
  • Where: Weston, FL
  • When: July 24 – 26th
  • Why: Learn the skill set and mindset necessary to become a ShopToEarn future millionaire and top producer

ShopToEarth Workshops and sessions at Millionaire Mindset include the following:
  • Understanding the importance of urgent action in business
  • Developing strong communication skills
  • How to organize and manage business
  • Establishing a strong work ethic
  • Developing the appropriate image and business etiquette
  • Learning how to effectively confront people and develop relationships
  • Learning to stay focused and consistent
  • Interactive skill building
  • Situational role playing
  • Turning stress, excuses and pressure into progress and results

For more information about Shop To Earn's Millionaire Mindset or to find testimonials about the business visit: www.facebook.com/shoptoearth. ShopToEarn associates can check the details in their email for more information and location.

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