Friday, July 3, 2009

ShopToEarth State of the Union Recap

With an attitude of gratitude, Shop To Earn and ShopToEarth held a State of the Union webcast to announce some of the most exciting news since the inception of the company, including a new ShopToEarth web site, 10,000 new products and 300 eco-friendly retailers. Webcast speakers included Shop To Earn/ShopToEarth Founder Pat Welsh, Director of Operations Shannon Beck, President Dan Swiniarski, Vice President of Sales Joe Locke, and STE Advisory Board Member, Bob Quintana. The following list highlights all the announcements covered in the State of The Union webcast.

As of July 1st, 2009 all of the enhancements below are live on ShopToEarth. ShopToEarth has created an environmental superstore website fueled by a community of online shoppers looking to make a difference. The new ShopToEarth web site design offers products for you, your home, your office, your children, and your pet.

Updates to the ShopToEarth website

  • New look, feel and design as seen on the ShopToEarn newsroom
  • New ShopToEarth shopping categories: Green Market, Green Horizon, Green Depot, Green Exchange, in addition to the existing ShopToEarth Store.
  • Green Market and Green Horizon offer $10.99 Flat Rate Shipping and Handling for orders to 48 Contiguous States. $19.99 for AK, HI and Puerto Rico. Also free shipping for orders subtotaling over $167.00 to 48 states.
  • A ShopToEarth product video library that allows Shop To Earn representatives to see the people behind the products allowing them to make an educated shopping choice
  • ShopToEarth product testimonials + tips from environmental friendly consumers.

Shop To Earn News

  • New stores on ShopToEarn all offering cash back for online shopping.
  • Over $3 Million in cash back and savings awarded to Shop To Earn representatives last month.
  • July incentive - Stars and Stripes Bonus – All Business Builders and Brokers who were in the business before 6/1/09 that enroll 5 Brokers in their business in July will receive a $500 bonus. Send a support ticket once achieved to receive your bonus.
  • Shop To Earn Customer Service will be closed on July 4th.
  • Check out our new ShopToEarth events calendar that shows local events, Live Overviews, and Shortcut to Success trainings. Located on the ShopToEarth Home page.
  • New Tour Call Schedule. Monday – Thursday 1, 7 and 11PM. Friday + Saturday 1PM. Sunday 7PM. All times are EDT.
  • Enhanced Tour Call concludes with 30-second break, followed immediately by a 4 Steps to Duplication training.
  • Live Company Overview with Joe Locke and Rich Soviero in Santa Monica, CA : July 7th
  • Shortcut to Success in Los Angeles, CA : July 10 -11
  • Shortcut to Success in Hoboken, NJ : July 17 -18
  • Founder’s Texas Tour with Pat Welsh : July 6th Amarillo, July 7th Houston, July 8th Austin, July 8th Arlington
  • Millionaire Mindset in Weston, FL : July 24th to 26th – ShopToEarn has produced two millionaires already, why not you? Come learn how!
  • ShopToEarth Eco Wellness Summit in Orlando, FL : October 2 – 4
  • STE Advisory Board Member, Bob Quintana. It’s all about the magic!

Rise and Shine In 2009! ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth are experiencing amazing growth. Excitement about this growth was relayed through the ShopToEarn State of the Union. If you missed this event, go to ‘Company News’ in your Virtual Office, click on State of the Union Webcast Summary, inside that article click on the replay link, and watch the webinar.

Shop. Save. Shine. ShopToEarn.

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