Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ShopToEarth Asks: Are Your Clicks Chic?

Poll Shows How Women Shop Online

Chic clicks are turning women into digital fashionistas who hunt down deals shopping online rather than wearing themselves out driving from store to store. A poll of 1000 of these smart shoppers revealed ten tidbits of information that every ShopToEarth online shopping business can use to position their business for success.

1. A whopping 87% of women used coupons at least some of the time

2. 63% say they wait until they get a coupon or the item goes on sale before making a purchase

3. 79% of women use the internet to get items they can’t find in their local stores

4. Before making a purchase 83% look for feedback about an item and 78% read user reviews

5. 14% of shoppers 18-34 tap their social networks for advice by posting pictures of products on social media outlets

6. 1 in 10 women used their cell phones to find information about a product while in the store

7. 29% splurged and made a purchase online to cheer up about the recession

8. Favorite things to buy online: 41% clothes, 31% books, 18% household items and 16% electronics

9. Women won’t buy just anything: 25% said they would not purchase food or groceries, 16% declined to buy clothes, 14% refused to buy shoes and 13% turned their nose up at buy appliances online

10. 37% of women shopped online in the last year had a bad experience

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