Thursday, December 17, 2009

ShopToEarth’s Spirit of Green Living: Ana Rust – Fan of the Week

If there is one person who embodies the spirit of green living, it is Ana Rust. Join us in congratulating Ana Rust for earning the title of ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth Facebook Fan of the Week. Born in the economic, industrial and cultural center of Mexico, the capital Mexico City, Ana now lives in Doral, Florida with her husband where she takes care of the accounting and financial responsibilities of their professional audio business. Since they always have a need for electronic components, Ana has found their ShopToEarn business to be an invaluable resource for saving time and money.
A motivated mom of two girls that live and breathe dancing, Ana has always had a love and concern about the planet.
“I spent countless summers in our family ranch in contact with animals, nature and natural products so I know the importance of doing my part for our precious Earth,” reports Ana.

Favorite Shop To Earth Items:
It was difficult to choose but at the top of Ana’s list are the Yerba Prima Colon Care caps, Ecover Laundry Softener, Biokleen Bleach Free Laundry Powder, True Green All Purpose Cleaner and Yute shopping bags.

Favorite Thing About ShopToEarn:

Ana loves being able to save money on the things she buys everyday and appreciates the ease and convenience of shopping online.
“My family comes often to visit and of course to shop. But now we order items before they arrive in Miami and we spend time at home instead of in the malls.”

Favorite Tip for New ShopToEarn Members:
“Think outside the box! Most of the items you need on a monthly basis can be shipped to your door for less than what you pay in stores. Take the time to visit 2 retailers you don't know from the list a day and see what products they sell. You will be surprised!”

Favorite Shop To Earn Business Advice: “This is a long term business, you have to know your website and use it in order to be able to understand the savings and share it with others. Helping your team save will help you grow your business together.”

Favorite Eco Tip:

“Let's help reduce pollutants in the water system by using biodegradable soaps, shampoos, conditioners, softeners cleaners and detergents. If we all do our part we can do a lot for our planet.”

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