Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Julie Soviero ShopToEarn Shopping Savings Challenge

Hello ShopToEarn family!

We hope all of you have been joining us for the shopping tips webinars. We would like to introduce you to Julie Soviero and the ShopToEarn Shopping Savings Challenge. To show our associates the power of saving through their ShopToEarn website, Julie has been challenged to one month of exclusive shopping through ShopToEarn (with the exception of trips to the grocery store).

Julie will be tweeting her shopping experiences on Twitter (@juliesoviero) so follow her for constant updates and shopping tips. We will be recapping her experience on the blog so read on for her first shopping list.

ShopToEarn Shopping Savings Challenge
  • Who: Julie Soviero, ShopToEarn associate
  • What: All shopping for 30 days must be online through her ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth website (allowed trips to the grocery store for food items only)
  • Where: ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth online
  • Why: To show ShopToEarn associates the best ways to shop and save through their e-commerce website

See below for Julie’s list and notes from the ShopToEarn shopping challenge. Julie has been exclusively shopping through her ShopToEarn/Earth website for over a week.

Day 1
  • Shopping: Babies R Us - Purchased a gift for a shower I will attend next weekend.
  • Savings: Paid $3 for reduced shipping (my time and gas is certainly worth more than $3) + 3% cash back & points.

Day 2
  • Shopping: Internet Florist - Flower bouquets for some friends.
  • Savings: $5 coupon = $10 + 10% cash back & points.
  • Shopping: Office Depot - Ordered supplies for my home office
  • Savings: Free next day delivery for orders over $50 + an additional $27.00 off w/ a coupon + 6% cash back.
Day 3-7
  • No shopping

Day 8
  • Shopping: - Household items and birthday present
  • Savings: Free shipping, no tax + 10% cash back.
  • Shopping: ShopToEarth - Emugenix - Resvinatrol Complete
  • Savings: 15% cash back & points.
  • Shopping: ShopToEarth - Sweet Wheat - Sweet Skin
  • Savings: 15% cash back & points.

Day 9
I forgot about the challenge and went to Pet Supermarket... then I remembered the challenge and walked out. I am sure glad I did! I went home and bought through my ShopToEarn site.
  • Shopping: Petco
  • Savings: Exclusive Internet sale + 10% off + free shipping w/ coupon + 8% cash back & points.
Total Savings: $163 + points!!!!!

I am so excited about the challenge! Game on! Savings on!

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