Friday, March 20, 2009 Question and Answer

Hi everyone! Here are some more questions that we'd like to answer from the comments section of the ShopToEarn blog.

Q. Which companies are offering gift cards with cash back?
A. Most companies do not offer cash back on gift card purchases. However, on the left side of your ShopToEarn home page we have created a product category titled “Gift Cards.” This category represents all of the retailers that pay a percentage back on Gift Cards. In addition, these stores can also be seen in the retailer drop down menu, noted by a “GC” after the retailer’s name. (Ex. GC).

Gift cards are also obtainable by clicking on the “ Gift Cards” item in the dropdown menu. There are 111 Companies that offer gift cards at 6 percent cash back. Vendors range from Starbucks to CVS to Macy’s to Pottery Barn. Check your Web site for the complete list., is another option in the pull down menu that also pays back 3 percent on online Gift Certificates.

Q. Are members taxed on others shopping through the ShopToEarth side?
A. No, only the person purchasing a product can be charged tax on ShopToEarth items.

Q. Why isn't ShopToEarn's contact info listed on the website?
A. All of ShopToEarn’s corporate information, including ShopToEarn’s phone number, is listed on the contact us page of the website. ShopToEarn is incorporated out of Las Vegas, Nevada and the corporate business license is registered under Shop2Earn, Inc.

Please keep your questions coming and we will be sure to answer them as soon as possible.


The Shop To Earn Team


Peace said...

There is one thing I'm not clear on regarding gift cards. If someone buys a gift card, for instance from the Guitar Center GC site at 4% cash back, can they they turn around and purchase something from that same site using that gift card and get another 4% cash back?

Leona said...

I heard that Shop To Earn will be coming to Philadelphia, PA March 31. How or where can I go to verify?