Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shop To Earn Saves on Shoes

The savings stories below all have one common lace, shoes! There are many opportunities in the ShopToEarn online shopping portal to save big on brand name shoes, so read on and find out.
Online Savings: Buy one pair, get the second 1/2 off + FREE ground shipping
Additional Savings: 20% off coupon from the newspaper
ShopToEarn Savings: an additional 13% cash back
ShopToEarn Associate: Anonymous
Shoe Retail Price: $119.00
Online Savings: Coupon code + no tax and Free shipping
Shop To Earn Price: $74.00, plus 17% cash back
ShopToEarn Associate: Phil
Shoe Retail Price: $100
Online Savings: Welcome email with 20% off code + free shipping and no sales tax.
Shop To Earn Price: $80 + 13% cash back on the $100 list price
ShopToEarn Associate: Kerry

Thank you for sending in your shopping stories and if one of these stories was yours, leave us a comment and say hello!

If you have any Shop To Earn or Shop To Earth shopping stories you would like to share please post them in the comment section of this blog.

Also, check out the past shopping stories from last week.

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Carmen Patino said...

just bought my perfume 'Tresor' from Lancome at 'Perfume Worldwide' got 10% off Code: happy,no tax, free ship. and 15% from STE
Carmen Patino

Mary said...

I also had a great deal with I bought Merrell clogs which were $59.90, 10%off with coupon code, another 10% off for registering my email and then I got 17% cash back off the original price! Nice! Free shipping, including returns!!

Robyn Pearson said...

I'm a new STE Broker. On my first purchase, I ordered ink for our printer. We use a lot of ink, which happens to be one of the most expensive liquids in the world. I placed an order with for 15 cartridges of various colors. If I had purchased these at regular retailers, I would have spent $268.27 (tax incl.) After registering with, we received a 10% discount which I applied. I paid a total of $52.13 (no tax and no shipping). That's a total savings of $216.14. Now that's savings.
Thanks STE
Robyn Pearson