Friday, September 25, 2009

Shop To Earn Challenge – Save Money Shopping Online: Week 1

Ready, set, round two!

The Shop To Earn Shopping Challenge is back for your shopping, spending, and saving supervision. Follow Kym Boucher’s savings for the next 30 days as she only shops through her ShopToEarn mall. The rules for the challenge are simple, Kym is allowed to shop at a grocery store once a week but the rest of her shopping for the month have to be through ShopToEarn or ShopToEarth.

First, here’s a little background on Kym. She lives in Easton, PA with her husband, Jimmy B. They have three children, a college-aged daughter, another daughter in high school, and a son in middle school. They joined Shop To Earn in March 2008 when Rick Clark introduced them to the company.

Why Kym Loves Shop To Earn?
“I sit at my computer, place my order, go about my business, and within a couple days, the "present man" arrives at my door (or my daughter's college dorm!) with ANYTHING we might need! Today, for example, I opened up my Shop To Earth box and got the Yummy Earth lollipops I keep on hand for my students in school, as well as my favorite dips from Simply Organic for the tailgating parties we go to throughout the fall. I love having so much selection at my fingertips AND I save money while doing it! I am a firm believer in saving my money and, mostly, my time but I also appreciate ShopToEarth's message of making a difference in our world. Being a part of this company just makes $en$e! Shop on!” Kym Boucher @ShoppingDivaKB

See below for Kym’s list and notes from the ShopToEarn shopping challenge. She has been exclusively shopping through her ShopToEarn/Earth web site for a week.

Shop To Earn Shopping Challenge Week One
• - school shoes for my son, daughter and myself
• Retail Price: $109.98
• Internet Price: $74.18
• Shop To Earn Cash Back/Points: 13% + 20% promotion + 10 points

• - necessities for the family
• Retail Price: $55.51
• Internet Price: $55.51
• Shop To Earn Cash Back/Points: 10% + 6 points

• 1-2-3inkjets - printer cartridge for my printer at home
• Retail Price: $34.99
• Internet Price: $21.14
• Shop To Earn Cash Back/Points: 28% + 5 points

• - baby shower gift
• Retail Price: $74.99
• Internet Price: $74.99
• Shop To Earn Cash Back/Points: 7% + 6 points

• - sneakers for my son
• Retail Price: $70.00
• Internet Price: $70.00
• Shop To Earn Cash Back/Points: 8% + 6 points

Week One Total Shop To Earn Savings: $81.46 + 33 points. Amazing!

Kym is one of almost 100,000 Shop To Earn representatives saving money on her daily purchases. Keep following the blog for weekly updates on Kym’s savings and stay tuned for the grand total savings by strictly shopping through ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth. Also for daily shopping updates, follow Kym on Twitter at:

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frank marone said...

just went to Express to buy some jeans. original price for 3 pairs was $198.50. Store had weekend special of 30% off (-$59.55)or $138. coupon code had $15 off every $60 spent, so i received another $30 off bringing my total to $108.95. open an Express credit card acct. and get 15% off this order bringing me down to $92.60. STE 5% cash back brings me to $87.97. with shipping my total was around $95. i saved over $100 on one purchase. gotta love this business.
Frank Marone(STE Lover)