Friday, April 17, 2009

ShopToEarn’s Julie Soviero Saved $800+ in 30 Days

Shop To Earn and Shop To Earth want to thank Julie Soviero for her dedication to our ShopToEarn 30-Day Shopping Challenge. Overall in the month that Julie exclusively shopped online, she saved $824.46! This savings was a result of ShopToEarn cash back, discounts, coupons, and points.

On Wednesday's shopping call Julie Soviero announced the total savings from her ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth Shopping Challenge. If you’ve been following on the blog, you know that her savings have been incredible. Julie has been going about her normal spending habits for the last month but has ONLY been shopping through her ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth site (with allotted trips to the grocery store).

Julie also has embraced social media and has been documenting her shopping tips and savings on Twitter @JulieSoviero. Be sure to check out @ShopToEarn and @ShopToEarth on Twitter and get in the conversation.

The links below recap Julie’s month-long shopping savings, which hopefully can be applied to your online shopping. Julie also shared her tips for transitioning to online shopping and working her business to the full extent.

See Day 1 – 9

See Day 10 – 20

See Day 21 – 30

Julie’s Shop To Earn Shopping Tips
  • Make a calendar and schedule out your plans for the month
  • Plan ahead! Everyone has birthdays or special occasions, so shop ahead of time
  • Use coupons – Shop To Earn shares special retailer coupons for online shopping that give you an additional percentage back on your purchase, most include free shipping
  • Recycle! You will have extra packaging and shipping boxes so either give them for free on Craigslist (believe me, people will come pick them up) or save for garbage day and recycle!
  • Try new products. Shop To Earth has an abundance of great products that most people would never try. Sweet Wheat has done wonders for my skin!
  • Always check Priceline for travel and hotel accommodations, it saves a ton!
  • Have fun. Browsing items online can be fun and open new doors to favorite stores and brands!
Thanks to those who joined us on the ShopToEarn shopping webinar this past Wednesday and are enjoying the saving codes we shared. If you missed the call, check your email for the list of shopping codes and reap your savings! These discount codes expire soon so make sure to get out there and shop.

We encourage you to use your business in the way it was intended.

Shop Green. Live Green. Save Green.
ShopToEarn and ShopToEarth


Ellyn said...

I am so happy to see so many people doing so well with shop to earn. It is refreshing in this economy. I am a recent breast cancer survivor and last year my team of 25 walkers raised $87,000 in the fight against breast cancer. We are walking again this year and hope to reach this goal but it's much tougher in this economy. Unfortunately breast cancer does not go away in tough economic times. It continues to strike and that's why I need to continue reaching further to show people the importance of their donations. I am so thankful for all the money that has been raised so that I can truly call myself a survivor. I walk and raise funds for all the women and girls out there so that they will know a world without breast cancer. Any amount of money will help. Please support my efforts by making a secure online donation.

Thanks so much from a fellow shop to earn member and fundraiser.

Ellyn said...

I just realized my link is not working correctly. Please try this one instead.

Gary Kaufman said...

The savings never end. I just purchased from $71.99 for the flea medicine, less a 20% savings with code (cybermon), 12% cash back (now we are at $50.68).... no tax (saved another $3.29) and NO SHIPPING! Total savings of $24.60! Wooo Hoo! ShopToEarn rocks!

Gary K
Lake Worth, FL