Friday, November 21, 2008

New Shop To Earn/Shop To Earth Vendors

Hope you are enjoying the close to your week. We wanted to share with you a list of new vendors that spoke or were announced at the Next Step conference last weekend.

Discover Card
If you are approved you get $50 back. If you spend $1,000 on the card you get back $100.
Live Now - 2% cash back.

Gift Cards
Gift cards have been added from various Web sites that allow cash back

People, Pets and Horses
Natural products and pharmaceuticals for people and animals. Live Now.

Wholefood Farmacy
Raw, organic groceries packaged individually. Coming soon.

Water filtration vendor currently on site.

ShopToEarn Dental Plans
Dental insurance with 15% off. Live now.

Bayes Cleaning Products
Stainless steel cleaner for appliances. They have won the highest award from the EPA for an oil based cleaner. Coming soon.

Jewelry that helps blood flow and circulation through magnetic force. Coming to the Web site soon.

True Green
Hypo-allergetic laundry balls, jute shopping bags, toilet paper, ect. Live Now!

BeHealthyClub - Dr. Wayne Garland
A line of ionic mineral products that fight disease. Live Now!

Go take a look at the new products and let us know what you think. Also, keep watching your web site for holiday gift baskets and updates.


Morristown said...

It would be GREAT if Pat's "STE Reputation Starts Here" was the very first thing that popped up when anyone "googles" or "yahoos" the phrase 'shop to earn'. This way new people can get the REAL story about how awesome STE is, vrs these whacko, uninformed, negative naysayer blogs.

What a shame if someone or their spouse reads a negative blog and then passes on or even delays their STE opportunity.

Matt Fusinato said...

I got the Aquasana water filter on my counter top. I love it! I hardly even use ice anymore because the water is just so fresh and clean.
ShopToEarth is exactly what my family and I have been looking for for a long time!

Coop said...

Could you please post what companies are now accepting gift cards on STE? Actually, having a dedicated page detailing the restrictions from participating partners would be a great idea. I believe it would greatly reduce the amount of your support tickets.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Morristown. Take the time now and invest a little money to host a few more websites that have ShopToEarn in them or do whatever (I am not an expert at how google works) it takes to get positives up on google. I can't believe these 'whoevers' have more influence, income or drive to demolish the reputation of a company that has helped so many

michelle said...

I know someone who would like to sell his organic coffees on shop to earth. Is it too late for him to ba a vendor?

Michele said...

You will see in time just as I do with my 9-5 job that as long as we keep posting great stuff through Google's in a month or two the google searches will show this blog in its top results. Keep posting and commenting and keep the blog going and in no time it'll be the first thing those negative minds see!

Suzy said...

Would you please update/add the new vendors since Next Step training in FLL - especially Sun Warrior cuz it is such a great product and so necessary for high quality protein morning shake to feed your cells !

Painted Phoenix said...

Comment from a Professional makeup artist!

I know it is not listed but I just got Sweet Wheat and it has changed my life. I don't want to sound like I'm crazy b/c I have heard so many people say that about other products but this is the FIRST thing I have tried that I am VERY excited about! Granted I take several more capsules a day than listed but my energy and well being is AMAZING.

ALSO, I am a makeup artist working in Fashion and Photography and have been for years. I LOVE makeup but I am also passionate about skin care. I have in my medicine cabinet right now; La Mer, Sisley, La Prarie, Chantecaille, Cle de Peau, Natura Bisse (yes I have all of them!!) All these products are sold at Neiman Marcus and insanity expensive. I have used them all and love many of them. That said, I have been using Sweet Skin for just over a month now and I have to say it is the SINGLE BEST SKIN CARE MOISTURIZER I HAVE EVER USED. I still have THOUSANDS of dollars in skin care still in my cabinet (some used, some still in the boxes!) This said, I can not imagine using another moisturizer, cream, or lotion besides Sweet Skin ever again. Not only is it so amazing but is it $39 retail which is amazing especially since I have paid (and am willing to pay) up to $400 for a skin care cream!

I do not work for Sweet Skin, just a very enthusiastic, satisfied customer. If anyone has any questions about this product and you want to ask someone objective, please feel free to ask me, I would love to answer any questions!
Cliff Turner