Friday, November 7, 2008

STE Reputation Starts Here; Let’s Set the Record Straight

Many of you have expressed your appreciation of the STE blog and its goal to communicate accurate information about Shop To Earn/Shop To Earth online.

While that is a goal of this blog, I also want to remind you that some people will always be suspicious and fearful of things that are new and different. While Shop To Earn might seem like a “no brainer” to us, online shopping and online business is still a new concept to many people.

I don’t want to use this blog to be on “the defensive” or even give any credit to those who feel the need to tear down our members in online forum. I will only say this:

The administrators of Fraud Files, Pink Truth, and our personal favorite “” are not members of Shop To Earn, and have never attempted to contact us to gain the correct information on our business. We would welcome the opportunity to answer their questions in a professional forum.

So, let’s focus on our business – rather than focusing on those who have chosen to not be a part of it.

Here are some excerpts from recent blog comments:

This opportunity has offered thousands of people the ability to better their lives not only via a new income stream, but it has introduced the Earth friendly products that most had never experienced before.
Thanks again!!!!

Finally a forum for some common sense blogs and information. Some people just don't want to come to grips with new ideas. The negative stuff out there is so ridiculous and silly.

STE has provided me over $50,000 in 5 months and more than $125,000 for my collective downline. This is fun and fulfilling work!
See you in Miami!

I feel so fortunate and extremely grateful to be a part of this incredible company. I joined exactly four months ago, and I continue to impressed with the integrity of the company and the incredible opportunity it provides for anyone who joins. It has been an extremely positive experience for me, and I have had great financial success in just four months. I love the fact that I am now using products that are better for my family and for our environment, and I am so grateful to have a very lucrative supplemental income coming in each month. It is also extremely rewarding to see family and friends who have joined me in this exciting endeavor starting to do well financially as well.

I think it is unfortunate for someone to read false information about STE on the internet, and as a result miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

I can’t wait to see you all next weekend at “The Next Step” in Miami!

Pat Welsh


Ana Rust said...

I have to say that before I joined STE I went through a very deep research online trying to find out as much as I could about the company. I went across many of this forums and blogs but I could only see the lack of information on the people that wrote them.

STE has been working hard to reduce this type of publications. I received a violation e-mail for a listing I had on the internet and instead of making me mad, it made me happy because now I am positive that STE is a very serious business, who is trying to protect all of its members with actions like this.

And us members, we have the job of representing STE accordingly. Commit to what we started and be wise about the people we refer. In my opinion, I would rather have the 100% commitment of one man, than the 1% commitment of 100 men.

Thank you.

Anna said...

I am new to Shop to Earn and I was wondering when the site is going to work better. There are a lot of mistakes that makes it hard to roam the site and find what one is looking for.

Anonymous said...

I just signed up with STE yesterday and already got the best deal on Air Tickets and got great prices on Office supplies that were shipped to us free of charge, saving us time!! To think that the residual income from this type of thing will eventually amount to bonus' is even better!! It's so easy to just automate and simplify the way that I shop, save money in the process and make money!! A no brainer.

Anonymous said...

This is a great product, everyone can use this!! Even if you aren't able to spend the $100/Mo at Shop to Earth you can still have several people use your site for their shopping and take this credit to comply with that requirement.

I was able to save money on air fare and on Office Supplies and have a list of dozens of things I need and want to order that I haven't gotten to yet. I'm so happy that they have sites like Office Depot and Home Depot and Target!!

Connie Saunders

Ana Rust said...

For all of you new with STE and for all those that still have their doubts about this wonderful idea, let me give you some examples:

Not long ago, I had to buy school shoes for my daughters from Target. I know exactly the brand and the size, I also had a kids party and needed jeans for my old girls (they grow so fast!) I went to my website and ordered everything, I had a coupon that gave me an extra 5% off so after all, I saved the trip to Target, which is about 6 miles from my house, got free shipping and a total savings of 15%, isn't it neat!

Again my girls needed ballet and flamenco shoes, so went to All About Dance and ordered what I needed and no State Tax (retailer out-of-state) and I added again a coupon that I had from a catalog that gave me extra $5.00 off.

I also ordered supplies for my 2 rabbits from PETCO, and regularly you can find better prices online than on the store, plus I don't have to carry (2) 60L bedding bags to my car!! I got free shipping and again an extra savings coupon!!

My husband has his own audio consulting business and we needed some hard drives that we got at, free shipping, no state tax, 2 day delivery!!

STE is not about spend more money shopping, is about changing the way you shop the things you already do. For this last month, I have bought the things I need, without going out to the stores, I have saved a lot in gasoline, the driving, walking around the store looking for the items I need, time... and yes, money I have saved good money. Even people I know in other country have ordered things from my website.... so go ahead, have fun and shop smart!!

joel said...

One of the things I love about STE is that they are very serious and committed to the company and it's members. Us members, If we want our business to work we need to work just like any other business. If we start a business and don't work we can only blame us not the business!

Whitney said...

I need help--I have seen STE work for so many people,, and yet I can't sign anyone!! I've been to training, I have brought prospective people to private and group information tour calls, and yet some seem so excited, and then they turn it down. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. I am a sales person by trade, I should be good at this.

Linda said...

My suggestion is to not be a 'sales person', but approach people with an attitude of offering a gift that can propel them to financial freedom. If they accept your gift, fantastic. If they don't it's alright. They may not be ready.

Don't seem anxious. People may become less likely to join if you are overly anxious and appear to need them to join so that you succeed.

Take a deep breath and see your new business growing as you offer people a way to excel in this challenging economy.

Practice imagining people being thankful for your wonderful offer, see them joining and building their future prosperity.

As you imagine how you are helping others and not fretting about no one joining, I believe your business will grow.

Much Success!

Scott & Ellen said...

We just got back from the Next Step training session. We had no idea of just how large and powerful Shop to Earn was until we got to the Florida conference and saw it with our own eyes.

We thought it was just a shopping portal with a green side. We were wrong! We learned that the mission to save the planet is real and how Shop to Earth is already taking steps to do so. We're excited about the Shop to Earth foundation and its initiatives. As well as the college scholarship program.

Now that we've learned more about some of the products, we are even more excited to promote them. Presentations were given by several including:
True Green who uses sugar cane for paper products and is helping to eliminate the need to cut down trees.
Be Healthy Club whose founder was given 6 months to live 24 years ago. Dr. Wayne Garland was a phenomenal speaker and hearing how his formulations saved his life as well as 13 children with aids, a diabetes patient and a Lupe's patient (who was in the audience)was incredible.

The testimonials were unparalleled. Stories of how STE saved people from loosing their homes and how it has changed their lives was fabulous.

One of the most amazing visuals was seeing a couple on stage who owns a ranch where care is given for terminally ill children. They were about to shut down due to lack of funds. Hearing how their involvement as brokers provided income to keep the ranch alive, was fantastic. Before our eyes they became the first recipients of a donation from the Shop to Earth Foundation. Many of the top money earners came on stage one by one came and matched the donation. The founders and audience were moved to tears!

The big picture is amazing and being involved with this company is not only a fun and lucritave income stream but an honor!

Ellen & Scott