Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hi Everyone!

We saw your great questions regarding the status of Wal-mart and Shop To Earn, as well as some questions on the Web site and commissions. We will post responses shortly! Just wanted to let you know so we didn't leave you hanging.


The Shop To Earn Team.


JAK in NYC said...

I'm interested in in hearing form any STE's who have had success win selling STE to non-profits for fundraising. Techniques, success stories, etc.

Sylvia and Anna said...

Just a quick note to thank you for a wonderful, wonderful weekend!
It was informative, eye opening, moving, and incredibly inspiring in so many ways!
Thank you for once more, showing us that we are with the best company, not only because it is the best business out there but MOST of ALL because of the quality and integrity of all of you as individuals.
You have created a vehicle for people to improve their lives in so many ways!
We're only starting but we are so proud of being a part of this amazing "family"!
We are looking forward to many, many years of success, the future looks very bright and exciting!
We know we can make a difference not only in our lives and those of others but also for future generations.
Much Wealth and Health to all of us, and again THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Sylvia & Anna

greendogllc said...

Being in the sandwhich generation (with kids and older parents) to tend to, STE has provided our family with some benefits immediately.
My 79 yr old mother doesn't drive and needed to get water replacement filters. We went to our online store and purchased them cheaper($3.00)and had them delivered to her door. We saved money, saved time, got cash back, and points as well.
I can see the potential for more to come by this excellent business plan that STE has developed.

Art said...

Dear STE Team,
Just wanted to find out why Wallmart is not in the list of companies yet is mentioned on the overview video.
Wallmart is were I do 80% percent of my shopping and the reason why I was convinced in joining Shop To Earn. I already shoping there,might as well get cashback and points. Please let me know what is going on.

goudshop said...

I am looking for someone in the Largo and Clearwater Florida area who does Broker and Tour meetings. I recently referred someone who lives there (I live in Miami) and I'm trying to get them "plugged in" with other STE people. Please help!

Claudia said...

Ste team:

I have family in Canada who really want to join Ste. Can I sign them up? I have friends who have told me I can but when i try to register them the only country available is United States. I know Puerto Rico is already available, so can we or can we not sign up people in canada. thanks

Nicole said...

I have had a discussion with my forum group regarding the tax status of purchases through Shop to Earth for Preferred Customers. When someone shops through my site for Shop to Earth Purchases, at check out they are asked to log in or register. Will we be taxed on others' shopping through out site on the Shop to Earth side? (cash back added to our 1099) The FAQ's didn't cover this question, and is somewhat vague. My understanding is that we are not 1099'd for the cash back on shopping, only the bonus's. Please clarify. Thanks. Nicole

Evelyn said...

Please comment on the difference between Shop to Earth stores and Shop to Earth Select stores? Why is that distinction made? Thanks for this wonderful program.

michelle said...

Would it be possible to have paint companies such as Benjamin Moore and Sherwood Williams on the network? There's a big market up in New York that would benefit.