Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ShopToEarn Server Maintenance Tonight

Hey Everyone!

We just wanted to give you the "double heads up" that there is server maintenance scheduled for this evening.


The ShopToEarn servers and Web sites will be offline for approximately 1-2 hours for server maintence
Tonight, Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 4:00 am EST

To better serve you of course!
Our current server has run out of space and we are preparing to switch to a new server, which will reduce and hopefully eliminate future Web site loading errors.

Tune in for the Next Step recap blog coming soon....


Anonymous said...

Just curious if they were still going to post a Tour Call on the website. I heard there was going to be a recorded one up 24/7. If so will it be under overviews?

JG said...

Would you consider putting the overview presentation on a separate website/server? A few times, during a presentation, including one I did mid-day on 11/28, the website went down for unexpected maintenance. The growth of this company is phenomenal and I know you are doing all you can to help us. But, the presentation is a "show and tell" and, though I am well-versed in STE, I cannot do a presentation justice without prospects being able to see it.