Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shop To Earth Makes Thanksgiving Possible for So FL Children

God’s Little Acres Gets $45,000 from Shop to Earn Members and Shop to Earth Foundation

Thanks to the newly formed Shop To Earth Foundation, disabled children and their families will be getting a special Thanksgiving dinner from God’s Little Acres, a South Florida non-profit providing recreational opportunities to special needs children.

In conjunction with announcing the official Shop To Earth Foundation, Shop to Earn / Shop to Earth Founder, Pat Welsh and Shop To Earn President, Dan Swiniarski presented God’s Little Acres with a $5,000 donation at the Next Step convention in Miami. Bob and Joan Nast, Owners of God’s Little Acres, who are both brokers were invited on stage at the convention to share the story about their charity and how Shop to Earn has contributed to its success.

Attendees at the convention were so inspired by the God’s Little Acres story that many of Shop to Earn’s top producers matched the donation given by the Shop To Earth Foundation. As a result, God’s Little Acres received an impromptu $45,000 to benefit the South Florida children’s charity.

“We are going to be giving out over 100 turkeys and other Thanksgiving meal dishes,” said Bob Nast. “Without the donation from The Shop To Earth Foundation and the generous Shop To Earn members, we would have never been able to make Thanksgiving happen for our families.”

The Shop To Earth Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting eco-friendly non-profit organizations that support: preservation of ecosystems, environmental health, clean water, renewable energy technologies, global warming research, recycling methods, and the reduction of chemicals in food stock.

“We struggled to make necessary improvements at the God’s Little Acres ranch and did not have the funds to host our yearly fundraiser,” said Joan Nast. “We have been blessed as members of Shop To Earth because it has provided income that we are able to use to support our foundation.”


Anonymous said...

Being in the room at THE NEXT STEP seminar when the SHOP TO EARTH FOUNDATION and Pat gave Gods Little Acres $5,000 was heartwarming but what was even more inspiring was the generosity of our top brokers in the business matching that donation. One after one, people got up to help people. It was truly a moment to stop and say, "I am so happy to have this opportunity in my life, at the right time, and Absolutely with the right company and a wonderful executive Team!!! Thanks guys! You make me want to be a better me!!
Bonnie Kaufman
Hollywood, Florida

Nicole said...

This is absolutely fantastic! Shop to Earth/Shop to Earn is raising the bar on online shopping portals as well as showing the world what a difference a little caring and sharing can make!!!

N&D said...

Wow that's cool and very sweet. Its nice to connect with others and make a difference in the world. That's also how I view Shop to Earth... Good for Me, Good for You, Good for the Planet.

Here is something else that can make a difference. One of our partners, , has a program called Feed It Forward™ ( They "will donate $30 million in free restaurant gift certificates – over 30 days – and allow you to treat friends, family, and colleagues —anyone deserving—to savings on a great meal out. ....Now until Christmas, you simply choose whom to give to, and we take care of the rest."

Michele said...

It was so moving to hear the Nast story and what God has called them to do in our community. While I am definitely not in the top 20 producers - but will be one day :), I also reached into my wallet and gave a check to Gods Little Acres, despite the trying economic times for so many of us. It is truly a blessing what God has put in our path in the form of Shop to Earth and Shop to Earn. This has given so many a way to not only help themselves and their families but the lives of so many others. We had an all day Seminar today hosted by "CashCow" our own South Florida leader and Giant! It was phenomenal to say the least. A mini Next Step in its own right! Being a part of The Next Step pumped us all up to go out get it done! And after today's event, and I'm so glad to be a part of such an icredible team under the leadership of Raul and Paula 'CashCow', we are all excited and ready to Rise and Shine in 2009!! Have a great holiday and thank you to the founders and staff for all of your effort and support.