Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shop To Earn Celebrates Earth Day, Everyday

In honor of International Earth Day month, ShopToEarth is donating a portion of all proceeds from select ShopToEarth retailers to the ShopToEarth Foundation. The mission of the ShopToEarth Foundation is to support non-profit organizations that protect, preserve, and sustain planet earth.

During the entire month of April, all of the following ShopToEarth retailers will donate one dollar per order to the ShopToEarth Foundation: Aquasana, Bayes, Emugenix, Energetix, Natureall, Magic FlashDrive, People Pets and Horses, Sun Warrior, Sweet Wheat, Whole Food Farmacy, and True Green.

Another way ShopToEarth associates can give back for Earth Day is to purchase the ShopToEarth-Day T-Shirt. This stylish and organic T-Shirt is exclusively available via the Shop To Earth Store. From every order placed, two dollars will be donated to the ShopToEarth Foundation. In addition, associates purchasing a ShopToEarth Foundation Package will support Earth Day by triggering two dollar per order contribution to The ShopToEarth Foundation.

Want more ways to share your Earth Day appreciation?

Login to Twitter. Tweet links to the STE Stores’ and promote these eco-friendly products to your followers. Not on Twitter yet? Join! It’s free and only takes a minute. Once you’re there follow us at and

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There are eight more days left of the Shop To Earn Biggest Saver contest, where the person to save the most money gets their savings matched by ShopToEarn. To win the Biggest Saver Contest, you must submit your savings on Twitter. Go to Shop To Earn Twitter Savings for full details so you can shop, save, share, and win!

Also in the ShopToEarn social media realm, the LinkedIn group has had a ton of activity including shopping tips, savings, and Earth Day stories. So make sure to visit the Official Shop To Earn group on LinkedIn and learn how you can save while continuing to participate in Earth Day Month.

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Bwana said...

I tuned in the the Earth Day Webinar. Great broadcast. I'm wondering if this will be available for re-broadcast? Additionally, I'd love to share this will potential referrals that missed it?? Thanks so much, Michael Anderson