Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Love ShopToEarn

The ShopToEarn network sometimes feels more like a close group of friends rather than a business. Besides the fact that company associates generally call each other family and look forward to seeing each other at events, the entire Shop To Earn network was created around helping others succeed in business. Take for example all the testimonial videos that share excitement and gratitude for ShopToEarn or the daily emails the company receives with thanks and joy.

Shop To Earn associates regularly help each other out with training and tips so that everyone can do their best in their business. There are ShopToEarn overview sessions happening around the country where associates can bring in their referrals to learn more about the e-commerce business model. In addition, the ShopToEarn network is one of the most environmentally friendly conscious MLM’s on the planet.

See the list below that was shared by a ShopToEarn associate named Julie. She wrote out the top ten reasons she loves Shop To Earn, including:

1. I prefer shopping online rather than in stores and am thrilled to spend less time in the mall.
2. My spouse is losing his job very soon and I am thankful that Shop To Earn will supplement our income.
3. I love the eco-friendly products for household cleaning and grooming, which I never would have known about before.
4. I like talking to people about ShopToEarn. I never feel like I’m selling anyone anything.
5. I am my own boss and make my own hours to fit my lifestyle.
6. I love getting money back for my shopping!
7. My ShopToEarn business is recession proof because people will always have to shop.
8. I can stay at home with my kids and don't have to worry about commuting to work.
9. I take pride in doing my part to help the planet.
10. I love that Shop To Earn has overview presentations and training available and that all my associates are willing to help.

If you love Shop To Earn, let us know! Share the top ten reasons why you love ShopToEarn in a comment on this blog.

Also, for anyone competing in the ShopToEarn Biggest Saver or Best Shopping Video challenges today is the last day to submit your entries. Winners will be announced via Twitter and email tomorrow.

Happy Shopping!

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