Saturday, April 4, 2009

ShopToEarn Shopping Stories

We want to thank all of you who have been joining us for the ShopToEarn shopping webinars and have shared your shopping tips on the LinkedIn group, by email, on Twitter, or by leaving a message on this blog. The ShopToEarn family has truly made some great deals out there and we want to share their shopping savings with you.

Read on for some shopping tips that have been sent in by our associates and apply them to your daily life. In addition, for future ShopToEarn or ShopToEarth shopping stories, please post them as comments on this blog.

ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth Shopping Tips
Purchase: toothpaste, shampoo, vitamins, Motrin, cotton balls.
ShopToEarn Savings: 10% cash back, no state sales tax, 5% in dollars, First order receives free shipping for purchase over $25, following orders shipping is free for purchases over $49, 1% back from ShopToEarn points, and 1% back from using a preferred credit card.
Total ShopToEarn Savings: 23% cheaper than the listed price and that was already cheaper than the average retail price.
Purchase: Four Mercedes Tires
Dealer Prices: $400 per tire, plus $60 for mounting.
Costco Prices: $265 per tire includes mounting.
ShopToEarn, The Tire Rack: The exact same tires for $235. Plus 6% back, no sales tax, Shipping costs $40
Total ShopToEarn Savings: $211.04 compared to the Mercedes dealer price.

J&R Computer and Music
Purchase: Three International Cell Phones
Retail Best Buy in San Francisco the phones cost $750 plus 8.5% sales tax = $813.75.
ShopToEarn Best Buy: 3% cash back. On three phones, a savings of $22.50.
ShopToEarn CompUSA,, all had the phones cheaper than BestBuy.
J&R had the best price: $199.99 each or $600 for 3 phones. No sales tax, free shipping, 5% from STE for another $30 savings or a total cost of $570.
Total ShopToEarn Savings: $243.75. This savings is more than half of the ShopToEarn associate fee in just one purchase.
Purchase: Three Computer Ink Cartridges
ShopToEarn Savings: Rebate up to 29%, promotion code for 10%, free shipping with a $50 order, plus a volume discount for ordering 3 single items.
Web site regular price = $67.65
Total ShopToEarn Savings: Paid $51.30 and after 29% rebate, total cost $34.77 or nearly 50% off!

For more ShopToEarn shopping tips and savings check out the past blog posts or Julie Soviero’s Twitter (@juliesoviero) for her month-long shopping challenge updates. Keep checking back to the blog for more tips and share your shopping savings on the comment section below.

Shop, Save, ShopToEarn/ShopToEarth.


Gary Kaufman said...

Keep the shopping tips coming! I actually made money on a purchase using their discount, cash back and a coupon offer! ShopToEarn has revolutionized shopping! Thanks...

Carmen Patino said...

I think FINALLY my husband GOT IT!!! He wanted to go out, to get some Auto parts, when I asked him, to please first check out STE, to compare prices. And what do you know! At 'Autopartswarehouse' he got it cheaper,faster, no hassle, and I GET THE 14% cashback! I think I just foud myself a SHOPPER!!

Lisa Ash said...

I just bought my hot tub chemicals/supplies yesterday at Specialty Pool Products and price compared them to Lowes and everything beat the Lowes price. They pay us 12% cash back with free shipping all the time but have a $9.95 handling charge. However, use coupon code S9AA0502 and that goes away! The products also shipped yesterday afternoon! I love saving money!

Joe Sloboda said...

I love the shopping tips - thank you!

We have been shopping on our site for almost 9 months and have enjoyed the savings and cash back that we have received every single month, but "this" month has been exceptional.

One recent purchase was on tires for my wife's Mercedes SUV - the best deal I found locally was $266 per tire. I saw a previous post on the Blog about TireRack and decided to check it out

4 tires from Tire Kingdom would have cost me $266 per tire + $63.84 in tax instead we got an incredible deal from TireRack @ $186 per tire, no tax and only $45 shipping

Our total savings on the tires was $338.84 after shipping

I love this