Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ShopToEarn Twitter Savings Challenge

Are You ShopToEarn’s Biggest Saver?

If so, ShopToEarn will match your savings!*
Send us a Reply Tweet on Twitter

If you think you saved the most on one single item via STE, we want to know!
Enter to win only on Twitter via @reply to @shoptoearn. In your post include the name of the product, store, and how much you saved. Make sure to start your post with @shoptoearn.

We will announce one winner a month for April, May, June, July, and August! Start Saving!

*Winners will be announced on Twitter on the first of each month and will receive their prize once the cash back posts in their virtual office.


Dan Singleton said...

@shoptoearn I saved $211 by purchasing a replacement pair of glasses from
plus 8% cash back $7.12 and 7 points!!! I was working on my boat when my glasses fell into the ocean. I came back with an underwater camera and still couldn't find them. I purchased the originals at an optometrist in Davie FL for $300. After keying my prescription into 39dollar glasses I got my new glasses in a week for $5.00 shipping. They are a perfect match for the ones I lost! What a deal!!!

phil said...

@shoptoearn I saved $600 plus 2% cash back & points by purchasing a plane ticket, from Tampa to Marseille France, from through Travelocity.
Thanks STE, Phil Zeitler

Justin said...

I did some comparison shopping for a new MacBook and found a new one at PC_Mac Connection 3%. I saved $200 off the retail price and got 2 free programs with $47.63 cash back!!! You can't do that walking into the Apple Store!!!

Joe Sloboda said...

I saved a total of $762 between discounted airfare and cash back) on travel by purchasing tickets for my business partner and I to go from Ft. Lauderdale to Shanghai, China recently. Not only did we get an incredible deal on the tickets through Expedia but we also got an extra $56 cash back on the deal.

It all adds up - thank you Shop To Earn !

Joe Sloboda said...

OK - we didnt save as much money on this transaction as we did on the plane tickets but I think it is def worth mentioning.

I went online to purchase a new video camera (called a Flip Mino HD) the average price was $229 + shipping + tax and to add a small tripod was an additional $12 for a total about $268.74

I did some research and found the same camera on about 8 different retailers on Shop To Earn, however the "best" deal was through which gave me a total price of $204.99 for the camera + $11 for the tripod = $215.99 with no tax and no shipping +8% cash back ($17.28) for a net price of $198.71 ! !

That's a savings of about 26% !

An extra $70.03 in my pocket at the end of the day.

Thank you Shop To Earn ! !

ShopToEarn said...

Hi Everyone - Thanks for your comments. There will be another contest announced for May. Remember, the only way to submit your entry is via Twitter @shoptoearn.

Best of luck to all!