Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ShopToEarth Seminar: FTL Recap: RockBands!

For those who missed out on the ShopToEarn Shortcut to Success in Fort Lauderdale last weekend, here is a quick recap.

The weekend was alive with excitement as ShopToEarn’s VP of Sales Joe Locke and Director of ShopToEarth Seminars Gregg Amerman shared strategies on how to build your online shopping business most effectively. The theme of the training was overcoming objections, including dealing with questions about negative Google search results. Check your email this week for more information on how you can get involved and learn more about social media participation.

At the company overview on Friday night, ShopToEarn revealed the revised version of the “See How It Works” slideshow to a group of new and seasoned associates including ShopToEarn Top 10 Producers.

The weekend also debuted the newest ShopToEarth vendor, RockBand. These unique accessories are handmade wristbands, bracelets, wallets, and necklaces that are “hand carved, polished and suited for personal style, but also benefit the mind and body.”

The full line of RockBands will be available at the Communication Pro Workshop in Orlando at the end of April so make sure to stop by and check them out. There are also bracelets available on your ShopToEarth website under “Raw Threads” for a discounted price plus cash back.

See below for descriptions of the stones and more information about the healing powers they possess.

Hematite - The 'Stone of the Mind'
Grounding and Calming
Promotes Common Sense and
Decreases Negativity
Keeps the Body Cool and Calms Nerves

Jasper - The 'Nurturing Stone'
Creates Gentle Relaxation
Enhances Healing
Protects Against Negativity
Causes Tranquility and Comfort

Turquoise - The 'Sacred Stone'
Promotes Honest and Clear Communication
Speeds the Healing Process
Promotes Friendship

Check out more pictures from the ShopToEarth Fort Lauderdale seminar and check your ShopToEarth portal under “Raw Threads” to order your RockBand today. Love the RockBand? Visit ShopToEarn on Facebook for discussion.

See you in Orlando!

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